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The Department of Merchandise of Non-Foods

The Chair of the Department is PhD, Associate Prof. Galina M. Vlasova.

As a separate scientific and educational unit of BSEU the department appeared in 1961. However, specialists in merchandising have been trained since the establishment of the Byelorussian State Institute of National Economy in 1933, primarily specialists in merchandising of non-foods and foodstuff within the Department of Merchandise and Chemistry.

The first department Chair was V. Lesnovski, a graduate from the School of Natural Sciences of Moscow State University. During nine pre-war years the department trained over 150 specialists in merchandising of industrial goods. The lecturer on merchandising of industrial goods, beside V. Lesnovski, was M. Solovyov. They invited leading specialists practicing in trade and industry to give classes and deliver lectures.

The Great Patriotic War intervened into the educational process in academic year 1940/41. Therefore, the graduates had no opportunity to pass their final state examination.

Classes in the institute started anew in 1944. So did the process of training specialists in merchandising of industrial goods. PhD, Associate Prof. N. Oreshkov became the Chair of the Department of Merchandise and Chemistry at that time. He remained the Chair of the Department till 1959. During that period he managed to do a lot to develop merchandising of industrial goods. PhD, Associate Prof. V. Tsvelodub, headed the department since 1959.

The department was most rapidly developing in the 1960s. Since 1961 we started training students majoring in Merchandise of Clothes and Footwear and Merchandise of Cultural and General and Household Goods. It was the result of the increased economic demand, rapid development of consumer goods manufacturing, more complicated range of goods and specialized trade.

The above mentioned division required working out specialized disciplines on merchandise of industrial goods, new study guides for laboratory and practical studies. Besides, the faculty members created favourable conditions for students to study special courses and to go in for scientific research.

Since the mid 1960s the department has been enlarging at the cost of its own graduates. A course for doctoral students was started. Target doctoral training in the G. Plekhanov Moscow Institute of National Economy, too, was used.

In the 1960s many of the current department professors and associate professors took doctoral courses and defended their PhD theses.

The rise of scientific qualification started in the 1960s became even more rapid in the 1970s (in 1970 the number of faculty members with scientific degrees was 38 percent, in 1975 – 57.1 percent, in 1980 it amounted to 68.7 percent). The department staff increased from 3 in 1944 to 14 in 2004.

Since the mid 1960s the principal direction in the department's scientific research established: “Monitoring the Range and Providing High Quality of Industrial Goods”. We were the first to carry out research in this field. We also conducted applied researches.

Since the mid 1970s the department faculty focused their efforts on developing the ways to provide (preserve) non-foods in the conditions of complex trade rationalization. Simultaneously there increased both the number of students trained and new specialties where the department now delivers lectures on Merchandise of Industrial Goods. In December 2000, together with the Department of Merchandise of Foodstuff, we organized and held the scientific seminar “Quality Provision and Ways to Optimize the Product Range in Commerce”. It enjoyed a wide representation of related economic higher educational establishments, institutions and organizations. At the seminar, the Association of Merchandisers and Technologists of the Republic of Belarus was established and measures to be taken to join the International Merchandise and Technology Organization were defined.

The department provides classes and delivers lectures for students majoring in:

  • 1-25 01 09 Merchandise and Expert Examination of Goods;
  • 1-25 01 10 Commercial Activities;
  • 1-25 01 08 Accounting, Analysis and Auditing ;
  • 1-25 01 07 Enterprise Economics and Management;
  • 1-24 01 02 Law.

Besides, the department is engaged in upgrading qualification of commerce experts and executive officers at the BSEU Consulttorgcentr.

The main fields of scientific research at the department are:

  • developing and mastering methods of consumer goods quality evaluation in the context of present-day market economy;
  • investigating ways to optimize the product range and quality in trading enterprises activities;
  • developing scientific and methodological and practical principles for evaluating and providing the quality of non-foods.

At present, the department is a graduating one for students majoring in:

  • 1-25 01 09, Merchandise and Expert Examination of Goods (specialization 1-25 01 09 02, Merchandise and Expert Examination of Non-foods);

In 2007 the department started a Master's course in specialty 1-25 80 07, Merchandise of Industrial Goods and Raw Materials in the Light Industry.

The department faculty (22 members (see the table) including 3 professors, 8 associate professors, 6 assistant lectures, laboratory supervisors and 4 laboratory assistants) provide classes and deliver lectures in 27 disciplines for students of 5 specialties at 5 schools.

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