«International Marketing»

Major International Marketing

Program Director Nadia Poleshchuk

Department Department of Marketing

Degree Master of Science

Credits(hours) 60(1624)

Language of instruction English

 Tuition Fee

Welcome to our I - Mark Program!
WHY THIS PROGRAM?   -   The International Marketing Program or I – Mark Program is designed to provide the necessary skills for successful work in the environment of modern international marketing and to teach You to solve specific marketing problems in the context of global competition. I – Mark Program provides with the knowledge and tools for assessing and analyzing international market opportunities and threats, as well as the ability to formulate marketing strategies with a global perspective.
The International Marketing Program also discusses the trends and environmental factors that will drive international marketing in the future and explains the efforts marketers must undertake to stay ahead of key trends.
The I – Mark Program is taught in English. Teaching is organized as lectures, seminars, and laboratory classes. All forms of conducting classes are connected. Learning is organized around different themes and during the period of studying You are to complete specific tasks. You will be provided with cases and articles from the world business press related to the topics and encouraged to look at marketing practices in Your own country so to compare, analyze and develop marketing strategies.
As part of the disciplines taught, guest lectures and master classes are organized with practitioners from various fields and industries who are ready to share their valuable knowledge and unique experience.

FOR WHOM?   –  The International Marketing Program is for yesterday's graduates, young marketers, and all those who are interested in modern marketing trends and technologies, who strive to gain new skills and competencies, to become a progressive and sought-after specialist who is willing to change life for the better!

WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU?   –   Upon completion, You will possess a complex knowledge and understanding of:

  • global markets and related marketing opportunities and issues,
  • different strategies implementation,
  • marketing planning and audit,
  • the approaches and metrics for analyzing the effectiveness of marketing activities.

! You will have the ability to analyze, discuss, describe, and demonstrate the marketing processes and strategies that firms utilize when marketing their products in foreign countries. You will also be able to use a project-based approach to manage various marketing programs.

Program Director:Program Director:
Nadia Poleshchuk, Ph.D. of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor at the Department of Marketing

Training is delivered in English by leading faculty members of the Belarus State Economic University (BSEU) and business representatives:

Elena Sushkevich

Svetlana Razumova

Olga Morozevich

Tatiana Belyatskaya

Ph.D. of Economic Sciences

Ph.D. of Economic Sciences

Ph.D. of Economic Sciences

Holder of an Advanced Doctorate (Doctor of Science) in Economic Sciences


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Tel.:+375 17 209 88 93
Email: km@bseu.by npoleschuk@tut.by

I Compulsory disciplines (national component):

  • Microeconomic Analysis and Policy.
  • Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy.
  • Marketing and Society.
  • Marketing of Innovation Project.
  • Intelligent Data Analysis in Marketing.

There are 2 compulsory integral components of the module "Research Work":

  • Research Seminar
  • and Term Paper.

II The compulsory disciplines presented as the component of higher education establishment:

  • Global Marketing.
  • International Strategic Marketing.
  • E-commerce.
  • Digital Marketing.

III The disciplines to choose according to the student's professional interest:

Module 1

Module 2

10. Relationship Marketing.

10. Holistic Marketing.

11. Global brand management.

11. Intercultural Marketing Communications.

12. Marketing Analytics.

12. Event Marketing.

IV Optional discipline: Logistics.
V Additional types of studying:

  • Philosophy and Methodology of Science.
  • Foreign Language.
  • Basics of Information Technologies.

Competency matrix

Microeconomic analysis and policy

Analyze the behavior of economic entities in the context of various types of market structures, research and develop an organization's market strategy, evaluate the consequences of state microeconomic policy

Macroeconomic analysis and policy

Analyze the features of macroeconomic policy under various initial conditions for the functioning of the economy, to develop macroeconomic policy measures

Marketing and Society

Justify the role and importance of marketing in the development of society, to know its social and economic importance

Marketing of Innovation Project

Apply the methods and tools of marketing in relation to innovative projects, to generate and promote new ideas, to apply them for the commercialization of research results

Intelligent data analysis in Marketing

Perform data analysis for solving economic, managerial, research tasks

Global marketing

Apply the main tools of global marketing, develop strategies for enterprise penetration into the world market and corresponding marketing plans and programs in practice

International Strategic marketing

Develop an international marketing strategy for the enterprise, determine the target market, assess the competitive potential of the business


Apply e-business in enterprise resource management, use modern e-commerce technologies, analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of virtual channels of interaction with customers

Digital Marketing

Develop digital marketing strategies and justify the choice of communication channels to implement the marketing strategy of the enterprise, apply analytics tools for ongoing digital marketing activities

Relationship marketing

Analyze the features of the implementation of relationship marketing, successfully use them in the practical activities of enterprises and organizations

Global brand management

Apply in practice various branding tools, assess brand equity, form a global brand portfolio, model the brand image of an enterprise

Marketing Analytics

Determine the main analytical metrics to track the effectiveness of various marketing activities, carry out an analysis of the profitability and marginality of the business and products of the organization's product portfolio, work with databases

Holistic Marketing

Apply the concept of holistic marketing into the activities of the organization, conduct market research, model consumer behavior

Intercultural Marketing Communications

Manage different approaches to reducing conflicts in foreign trade transactions and building trust between partners, develop intercultural communication programs, apply decision-making and teamwork models in different cultural groups when entering the foreign market, assess their effectiveness

Event Marketing

Apply event marketing tools and strategies as brand promotion technologies through the organization of various events


Apply the principles of logistics to improve the efficiency of the organization

The competition for admission to the magistracy can be attended by persons who have received higher education of the 1st stage in specialties that allow them to qualify for higher education of the 2nd stage.
Questions for the entrance exam in the master's degree specialty 1-26 80 05 «Marketing» in the English language

Admission procedure for international students



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