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Vestnik BGEU

"Vestnik BGEU" was founded in 1994, as a scientific-practical periodical. Since 1999, it has been issued 6 times per year (once in two month).

  • Publication of scientific research papers of the faculty members.
  • Promotion of scientific achievements of post-graduates, doctors and professors.
  • Formation of scientific schools in various branches of science.
  • Consolidation of scientific potential of the Republic of Belarus in certain specialties.
  • Organization of discussions on the problems of the social and economic development.
  • Publication of materials aimed at upgrading the quality of lectures and courses
  • Sharing of experience in educational, methodological and scientific fields.
  • Acquisition of foreign experience in the field of science development and organization of teaching process.
  • Consultations on new and urgent matters, etc.

The journal’s goal:

Consolidation of the researchers’ efforts in order to elaborate the problems of developing the economy, science and education.

The magazine devotes particular attention to young scientists, post-graduates and doctorate students.

The founder and the publisher of the magazine is Belarus State Economic University. The editor-in-chief is Professor I.V. Novikova, a well-known economist, Doctor of Economics. The editorial board comprises leading scientists, specialists in various fields, such as Professors M. Nozdrin-Plotnitskiy, I. Akulich, N. Belyatskiy, A. Bondar, V. Borisevich, V. Komkov, V. Lukashevich, L. Nekhorosheva, M. Novikov, I. Poleshchuk, L. Ryabtsev, A. Tur, G. Shmarlovskaya and others.

  • Methodological problems of economics
  • Challenges of the 21st century and the development strategies
  • Enhancement of management
  • Analytical projections and proposals
  • Real sector of economy and consumption
  • Financial sector of the economy
  • Ecology, economy and law
  • Civilization and cross-cultural communication
  • Overseas experience
  • Teacher’s Notes
  • Consultations
  • Conference News

Articles to be published in the journal are accepted together with an extract from the minutes of a department meeting and a recommendation for the publication. Authors from other institutions of higher learning or research institutes are to present a reference letter from their organization’s authorities. The authors are responsible for the data cited in the articles.

The editorial staff may publish articles for further discussion without sharing the author’s views. The size of an article should not exceed 12 typewritten pages. Materials are accepted on the enclosed floppy disk in Microsoft Word, regular type size 14, double space. A summary (no more than 5 lines) in the Russian and English languages is to be attached to the article together with the information about the author.


Editorial office address: 26, Partizansky Ave, Building 6, office 19, Minsk 220070, Belarus.
Editorial office telephone number: + 375 17 209 78 84.

To the readers’ attention.

You may obtain the magazine in the “Knigi” (“Books”) store of Belarus State Economic University, and by subscription.

Subscription is available in every post-office. The subscription index of the “Vestnik BSEU” journal in the catalogue of subscribed periodicals:
74838 – for individual subscribers;
748382 – for enterprises and organizations.

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