Master's degree competition

Training for a Master's degree in Economics as one of educational services appeared at BSEU in 1996. Studying for a Master's degree at our University provokes in attendees for the development of their potential as researchers, it brings them up to the level of scientific thought where they become prepared for finding solutions of non-standard problems, they gain the ability to recharge and adjust their activity to the changes in technology and the new market requirements.

The full time course offers those specialisations:

Classes are given by the leading professors and associate professors of many University's departments. Full- time attendees study for one studying year (2 terms), part - time students have two years of study.

Nowadays the scientific research is regarded as the activity of main importance. Actual value of such research is determined, first of all, by the fact that professional knowledge is acquired not only while getting previously formulated scientific and practical results but on the basis of independently made research. Starting second term, attendees follow personalised studying programmes, they perform research at the departments chosen accordingly to their preferences.

Those who compete for a Master's degree may also take extra subjects to study and they are also allowed to take extra exams in accordance with the Regulation on Examinations for Postgraduate Students.

The Master's degree thesis is the final element of study. Competitors for a Master's degree take also state qualification examination in their specialisation.