«Economic Psychology»

Major7-06-0311-01 Economics

Program Director:Danila Dabrarodni

DepartmentDepartment of Economic Sociology and Psychology of Entrepreneurship

DegreeMaster of Science


Language of instruction English

 Tuition Fee

Features of the Master's program and its competitive advantages:
Integration of economics and psychology is a necessary foundation for successful work on stock exchanges, in advertising and marketing departments, understanding the causes of the crisis and predicting their occurrence.
The mission of the Master's program is to provide scientific and practical training of specialists in the field of economic psychology who possess modern knowledge and skills of modeling and forecasting economic behavior of people, assessing psychological risks and the effectiveness of economic decisions.
The purpose of the program is to train professionals in the field of economic psychology with systematic interdisciplinary knowledge, possessing practical skills for analysis, study of economic problems, forecasting and modeling of economic behavior .
Summary of the master's program:
The structure of the program allows you to balance both fundamental theoretical knowledge about psychology and economics, and the development of a wide range of practical tools necessary for successful work in modern organizations.
Students of the program will learn economic and psychological theories and approaches to the study of economic problems and the possibility of their application to understand economic decisions, consumer motivation and other aspects of economic behavior in everyday life. Students develop an understanding of the basic principles of the psychology of economic behavior, and graduates become experts in consumer behavior.
Graduates of the master's program become in-demand specialists who are ready to solve psychological and economic problems of different levels.

Head of Master's program:
Danila D. Dabrarodni  –  PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor.
The classes are taught by university teachers, professor and PhD:
Simhovich V.А., Doctor of Sociology, Professor; 
Ostrovskaya А.А., PhD in Psychology, Associate Professor;
Paceeva А.G., PhD in Sociology, Associate Professor;
Voroshuho L.О., PhD in Philosophy, Associate Professor;

Partizanski Ave., 22a, room 212/4, Minsk 220070
Tel. 209 78 47,
Email: dobrorodni@bseu.by 

The main disciplines (State Component):

  • Microeconomic Analysis and Policy
  • Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy
  • Forecasting the national economy
  • Innovative development of an organization (enterprise)
  • Technologies of Intelligent Data Analysis

Disciplines, forming the basis:

  • Modern tendencies of economic psychology
  • Management Psychology
  • Career Psychology
  • Corporate social responsibility

Optional Disciplines:

  • Socio-cultural communication in business
  • Professional culture and professionalism
  • Psychology of economic decision-making

Additional types of training:

  • Pedagogy and Psychology of Higher Education
  • Philosophy and Methodology of Science
  • Foreign Language
  • Fundamentals of Information Technologies

The result of mastering the specialization "Economic Psychology" is to increase the professional level of competencies in the field of modeling and forecasting economic behavior, analyzing the effectiveness of economic decisions, assessing psychological risks in the organization. 
Areas of professional activity:

  • Human resources;
  • Strategic planning and building successful business models;
  • Participation in corporate governance;
  • Conducting negotiations.

The duration of training for the specialty is 1 year.

The competition for admission to the magistracy can be attended by persons who have received higher education of the 1st stage in specialties that allow them to qualify for higher education of the 2nd stage.
Questions for the entrance exam in the master's degree specialty 1-25 80 01 «Economics» in the English language

Admission procedure for international students



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