The IMP offers 42 Master’s degree in-depth training programs in the Russian language




Master's Degree Programs

Finance and Credit

-Banking (advanced)
-Banking and Nonbanking Activities of Financial Institutions in Financial Market
-International Finances and Investments
-Assessment of Assets, Business and Investments

Economics and Management at Enterprises

-Top Management

-"Green economics" and development of agribusiness

-Innovation Economics and Economic Growth Management

Commodities Science and Goods Expert Examination 

-Commodities Science, Expert Examination, Technology and Security of Foodstuff
-Commodities Science, Expert Examination and Technology of Non-foods

Commercial Activities

 -Management of Trade business
 -Restaurant Business in Hospitality Industry

-Exchange Market Trade

-Economics and Management of Trade Business

Economics and Management of Tourist Industry

- Economics and Management of Tourist Destinations


-Analytical Economics
-State Regulation of National and Regional Economy
-Economic and Antimonopoly Regulation

- Sociology and Psychology of Business and Sports

Accounting, Analysis and Auditing

- Accounting, Analysis and Auditing within the Scope of International Financial Standards
-Professional and Educational Cycle of Modern Accounting, Analysis and Auditing in Industry 

Business Administration

- Business Administration

-Positive Business-Leadership

-International Business(around countries and regions)


-International Marketing
-Marketing Management of innovative Development at Enterprises

-Sociology of Markets and Market Research

World Economics

-Foreign Economic Activities
-International Economic Policy and 
-Transnational Business

- International Economics and Commercial Diplomacy

Legal Regulation of economic activities

-Applied Aspects of Legal Regulation of Economic Activities

Legal Regulation of Foreign economic activities

-International Legal Regulation of Economic Activities


Statistics within the scope of Innovative Development


Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Economic Informatics

-IT Management

-IT and Quantitate Analysis in Economics