«Event Marketing»

Major Event Marketing

Program DirectorIrina I. Kovalevskaya

Department Intercultural Economic Communication

DegreeMaster of Science


Language of instruction English

 Tuition Fee

Tuition Fee:

http://bseu.by/russian/teaching/magistr/2019.06.17-672a.pdf  (for citizens of the Republic of Belarus)

http://bseu.by/russian/teaching/magistr/2019.06.14-666a.pdf (for foreign citizens)

Features and benefits:

Specialization «Event Marketing» provides for studying a wide variety of authentic material in English that portrays cultural diversity  of leading world and domestic brands. This is the first and the only Event Marketing Master's program that was developed in Belarus during the post-Soviet period. Moreover, it is one of the first Event Marketing Master's programs in Europe. Another unique feature of the program is its applied character as it serves as a launching pad for event market specialists to look for career prospects.

The mission is to  prepare highly skilled professionals in the area of Event Marketing.

The aim is in-depth training of marketing specialists in an absolutely new area of marketing – brand promotion through event organization in both internal and external marketing environment.

The outline:

the specialization is based on the concept of event organization as the main integral part of the marketing communications in competitive marketing environment. The event is regarded as a means to achieve a product's or service's marketing objectives. Emphasis is made on Event Marketing in different areas, cross-cultural peculiarities of event organization, business protocol role, public relations, advertising etc.

Program Director:
Irina I. Kovalevskaya, Ph.D., Chair of Intercultural Economic Communication Department http://bseu.by/personalpages/KovalevskajaI/biography.htm

Training is delivered in English by leading faculty members of the Belarus State Economic University (BSEU) using such modern educational methods and technologies as simulations exercises, case studies, data analysis, projects,  videoconferences and multimedia resources.

Room 206 Building 2, Partizanski Av. 26, Minsk, 220070
Tel.:+375 17 209 79 11
Email: kmek@bseu.by

Compulsory disciplines
(national component):
Microeconomic Analysis and Policy;
Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy;
Marketing and Society;
Marketing of Innovation Project;
Intelligent Data Analysis in Marketing.

There are two compulsory integral components of the module "Research Work"– Research Seminar and Term Paper.

The compulsory disciplines presented as the component of higher education establishment:
Holistic Marketing;
Relationship Marketing;
Strategic Marketing;
Project Management.

The disciplines to choose according to the student's  professional interest:
Basics of Event Marketing;
Specifics of Marketing in Particular Areas;
Intercultural Communication in Event Marketing;
Services in Event Marketing;
Business Protocol and Communication: Case Studies and Analysis;
International Communication.

Optional disciplines: Communicative Design.

Additional types of studying:

Philosophy and Methodology of Science, Foreign Language, Basics of Information Technologies.

Results: As a result of mastering the specialization master students are to gain professional knowledge and analytic skills based on understanding the strategically important context of a company's marketing communications and used to develop an event fully integrated into the marketing communications. The unique element of the program is the development of deep professional knowledge needed to devise creative event concepts and to apply these concepts to brand promotion. The specialization is aimed at teaching the principles of success in different types of events, which contributes to the brand promotion and constitutes a universal tool of changes in both internal and external marketing environment.

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