«International Accounting»

Major1-25 80 05 "Accounting, analysis and audit"

Program Director Dr. hab., Prof. Dmitry Pankov

DepartmentAccounting, Analysis and Audit in the Sectors of National Economy

DegreeMaster of Science

Credits(hours) 48(1624)

Language of instruction English

 Tuition Fee

the deepening and widening of professional knowledge workers in the field of accounting;
deeper study of issues of accounting, analysis and control of enterprises (organizations) in accordance with modern requirements of economic development;
the acquisition of professional knowledge in the field of accounting, analysis and audit in accordance with the harmonization of national accounting and auditing to international standards.
To train highly qualified professionals in the field of accounting, analysis and audit, owning modern knowledge economy businesses.
In-depth training of a new generation of highly skilled experts in the field of accounting, analysis and audit.
to focus on the systematic study of innovations in the field of accounting, analysis and audit in accordance with international standards.
Summary of the master's program:
This master's program provides for the deepening and expansion of professional knowledge of employees in the field of  international accounting. The master's program provides a more in-depth study issues of development of accounting, analysis and control of enterprises (organizations) in accordance with modern requirements of economic development
The program allows you to create the modern idea of the existing international practice methods of recognition of the assets and liabilities of the organization, their evaluation for presentation in the financial statements that enables the convergence of existing domestic regulations, regulations, rules with international accounting and auditing standards.

Teachers: Classes are conducted by full-time teachers: Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Pankov D.A. and candidate of economic sciences Kukhto Yu.Yu.

Address:26 Partizanski prosp., bldg 2, room 216
Minsk 220070 Tel.:+375 17 209 88 27 – Dept. Head Dmitri Pankov
+375 17 229 12 58
Email: uef@bseu.by Pankov_D@bseu.by

Basic disciplines (state component):
1.Modules of the state component:

Module "Theoretical Economics"

Microeconomic analysis
Мakroeconomic analysis
1.2 Module "Methodological aspects of accounting, analysis and audit"
Genesis and modern theories and concepts of accounting
Modern problems of accounting, analysis and audit
1.3 Module "Methodological Aspects of Accounting, Analysis and Audit"
Computer products in accounting and auditing information systems
1.4 Module "Research work"
Research Seminar
Course work
Disciplines that form the basis of the master program:
2.1 Module "Accounting and analytical tools and statistical methods in economics"
Financial Analysis
Quantitative methods of analysis in business
2.2 Module "National and international regulation of accounting and reporting"
Financial Accounting
Management Accounting
Business low
2.3 Optional modules
2.3.1 Module 1 "Current Practices for the Application of IFRS"
Financial Management
Financial Reporting
Auditing and Assurance
2.3.2 Module 2 "Current Practices for the Application of International Standards on Auditing"
Accounting in Business
Professional Ethics Accountant

3. Optional disciplines
Pedagogy and psychology of higher education

4. Additional types of training
Philosophy and Methodology of Science
Foreign language
Basics of Information Technology

Formation of professional knowledge and management skills for effective action in the field of accounting at the enterprises (organizations) in the context of international standards.
Ability to apply accounting and analytical tools in solving problems of accounting, analysis and audit to give a comprehensive assessment of the efficiency of business
Knowledge of the content of IFRS, GAAP, EU Directives, AARIFI, understanding of the peculiarities of application of various standards in foreign countries in order to enhance scientific knowledge and the convergence of national standards with the most effective methods of accounting, to have skills in accounting in foreign countries. Understand the specifics of using the ISA in the legal field of the Republic of Belarus.
Areas of professional activity and Master's employment: Marketing services, consulting companies, structural subdivisions of organizations responsible for public relations, advertising and human resources agencies, research and analytical centers, higher and secondary special educational institutions, social and psychological services of state and municipal authorities.
Practical venues:
Publicly important enterprises, audit companies, holdings and organizations with foreign investments

In the competition for admission to the magistracy may take part persons who have received higher education of the first degree in specialties that allow to claim higher education of the second degree, in accordance with the national classifier of the Republic of Belarus OKRB 011-2009 "Specialties and qualifications". Entrants to the magistracy pass the entrance test in the specialty.
The persons having higher education of the first degree on the specialities which do not correspond to a profile of the chosen speciality of II degree according to the National classifier of the Republic of Belarus OKRB011-2009 "Specialities and qualification" and requirements of the educational standard on a speciality, except entrance test pass additional examination (orally) on educational disciplines
Types and conditions of the organization of entrance examinations, the timing and order of the competition, questions of the organization of admission are governed by the procedure for admission to the BSEU magistracy.

Admission procedure for international students



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