"International Economics and Commercial Diplomacy"

Major1-25 80 02 World Economy

Program DirectorPranevich Alla A.

DepartmentWorld Economy

Degree Master of Economics


Language of instruction English

 Tuition Fee

Features and competitive advantages:
This new program has been developed to meet high standards of the modern educational system.  The program provides a unique combination of fundamental education and research experience. This skill set is critical for specialists in the field of world economy and international economic relations. It enables them to resolve cross-sectional problems and situations.
The training is held either on a full-time (1 year) or a part-time (1,5 years) basis in two language options: Russian or English.
To prepare highly qualified specialists in the field of world economy and international economic relations, possessing analytical, research and leadership qualities and competences in the field of business negotiations, modern methods of business communications and commercial diplomacy.
In-depth training of a new generation of highly qualified specialists with a wide range of competencies corresponding to the current needs of the world economy. The bilingual option (Russian and English) of the program opens up a way to pursue postgraduate studies, both in Russian or English.

Training under the program allows to gain knowledge, skills and abilities of research, scientific and pedagogical work, innovation, organizational, managerial, consulting, self-education activities, expand the range of professional competencies, including foreign language proficiency.

Head of Master's program:
Pranevich Alla A. – Doctor of Economics, Professor, Dean of the Faculty of International Economic Relations.
The classes are taught by university teachers, doctors and candidates of economic sciences, including lecturers of the Department of World Economy:
Pranevich A.A.
Sanko G.G.
Borisik O.V.
Herasimau Y.L.
Ozhigina V.V.
Petrushkevich A.A.
Shkutsko A.N.
Yanchuk A.L. and other.

In addition, classes are conducted by invited practitioners and foreign specialists.


The main disciplines (State Component):
Microeconomic Analysis and Policy
Macroeconomic Analysis and Policy
International Competition
World Economy and Foreign Economic Policy
Data Mining Technologies
Disciplines, forming the basis:
World Commodity Markets and Prices
World Trade Organization and Trade Policy
Small Business in the Global Economy
Commercialization and Management of Innovations
Quantitative Methods of Analysis in Business
Optional Disciplines:
Commercial Diplomacy and International Trade Negotiations
Multilevel Economic Integration Design
Business Environment of Global Companies
International Investment and International Investment Agreements
Digital Economy
Additional types of training:
Pedagogy and Psychology of Higher Education
Philosophy and Methodology of Science
Foreign Language
Fundamentals of Information Technologies

Deepening and broadening of competences of specialists in foreign economic activity and graduates of the first stage of higher education in the field of world economy.
Practice (internship) locations:
educational institutions, organizations of science and innovation, industry ministries and concerns, enterprises and organizations of various industries and forms of ownership, government departments.
Practice program (link)
The spheres of professional activity and places of work-improvement of the master:
research and innovation organizations, commercial, non-profit and public organizations of international profile, engaged in consulting, information, analytical, research activities; institutions of higher education, government departments, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus, Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade of the Republic of Belarus, Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus, industry ministries and concerns, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Belarus, diplomatic representative offices of the Republic of Belarus, national enterprises, representative offices of the Republic of Belarus in international and regional organizations, enterprises and organizations of various industries and ownership.
Wu Tingfan, specialist of the ООО «УайТиОу Технолоджи БиЭлЭр» (the founder is the YTO Group Corporation)
Krivitskaya Anastasia, consultant of the WTO project, UNDP in Belarus
Josephine Kamati, National Planning Commission of Namibia

Reviews of undergraduates and master students: http://bseu.by/russian/news/201804242.htm (24.04.2018) http://bseu.by/meo/ (26.03.2019)

The Program is open for applicants with a bachelor degree (or its equivalent).
Applicants must pass an entrance exam in the field of specialization.

Information for the applicant
The program of entrance tests
Additional testing programs:


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