Dean’s Office for International Students

Organized with the aim to extend educational services provided by Belarus State Economic University, ensure quality of training and improve living conditions for international students, stimulate their more active participation in the University’s social life. The Dean’s Office closely cooperates with the International Office and the Department of Belarusian and Russian Languages. The head of the Office is Natalia Skriba, PhD, Associate Professor.

The Dean’s Office activities cover the four basic directions:
- organization of training students at the BSEU pre-university department;
- coordination of educational process for international undergraduate, graduate, Master and doctoral students at the BSEU principal Schools;
- organization of Russian language courses for foreign citizens;
- assistance in improving living and leisure conditions for international students.

Educational Process for International Students

The academic year for full-time students starts on September 1 and finishes on June 30 for both Belarusian and international students. International correspondence students come to examination sessions at the University on invitation letters that are issued compliant with their established session periods. All international students study in the same groups with Belarusian students; groups are organized at basic Schools dependent on definite majors and minors. The tuition language is Russian.

Please note! Since 2012 BSEU offers Master’s programme “International Economics and Trade Policy” in English.

During the entire period of studies international students are as rightful participants of their School and University social, scientific, sports, and cultural life as their Belarusian mates. Together with Belarusian students they participate and win in competitions, student Olympiads and contests, visit theatres and exhibitions, arrange parties and go on excursions. A great support in adapting to new study and living conditions is offered by the Students’ Council and countrymen associations whose activities are assisted by the Dean’s Office for International Students. For more details on the University rules and students’ life at the University please refer to tab For Students and tabs of the University Schools in the Russian version of the website.

The term of studies at the University depends upon the School, major and minor, mode of studies (full-time or part-time) selected by international students and varies between 4 and 5 years. The School and major are selected when international students submit papers to the University.

The Dean’s Office for International Students arranges the admission campaign for international students in July and August. Papers for enrollment to the doctoral courses may be submitted any time during the academic year.

For terms of admission and enrollment please refer to Admission Procedure . Applicants for Master and doctoral courses should follow the same admission procedure. The language of tuition is Russian. For more information for applicants to Master and Doctoral Courses in Russian please refer to the corresponding pages in Russian.

International students are offered accommodation in the students’ hostels. International undergraduate, graduate, Master and doctoral students live in comfortable hostels in the university campus, in rooms with all modern conveniences, 2 to 3 persons per room. The accommodation costs are not included in the tuition fee and comprise 25-35 US dollars per month.

The tuition fee is established by the Rector’s order for the academic year. For doctoral students it is calculated on the individual basis and comprises up to 3600 US dollars for academic year 2013/2014. The tuition fee for Master course is 3200 US dollars (full-time), 2200 US dollars (part-time), and 3500 US dollars (“International Economics and Trade Policy” in English).



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