Living and Leisure conditions for International Students

The University has excellent facilities both for study and leisure time of the students. The campus includes 8 hostels. One of these comfortable buildings is entirely provided for international students of the pre-university department and main schools, Russian language courses, and postgraduate students. Hostel blocks comprise two double rooms. Each block is equipped with all modern conveniences. On each floor there is a kitchen with an electric cooker. International students may as well live in other comfortable hostels with Belarusian students, 2 or 3 people per room.

Each hostel has a hostel teacher and an entertainment organizer. These people help international students to make their life and leisure interesting and diverse. Student councils are elected annually in each hostel. Such councils function as student government bodies. The student council of the hostel where international students live is formed of senior students from different countries. Council members help foreign citizens who become our students in adapting to new living conditions, introduce the internal regulations of the hostel, organize cultural and sports events, and engage international students into the social life of the university.

To build up students’ health, the university offers its international students well equipped gyms, a swimming pool, outdoor sports grounds, sports clubs, and various recreation activities in the preventorium. International citizens together with Belarusian students take part and win at student Olympiads, team sports tournaments and championships.

Our students have meals in comfortable canteens, cafes, cafeterias that are present in all University’s buildings.

Both international and Belarusian students are welcome to use the library, its reading halls and study rooms.

International students can develop their scientific abilities and creativity through active involvement in student scientific conferences, contests in amateur arts, concerts, festivals and other cultural entertainment events held at the university, city and national levels. International students have an opportunity to learn cultural and national traditions of the Belarusian people in the BSEU history museum. It contains a collection of more than 1500 exhibits. The Department of the Belarusian and Russian languages, student councils and Dean's office for international students organize a hard-driving program of visiting historical and cultural places in Belarus.

Student initiatives meet active support from the Dean’s office for International Students and the Department of Belarusian and Russian languages. The staff of the Dean’s office and the Department do their best to improve the quality of life and leisure for international students at the university and to ensure the necessary conditions for bringing up highly skilled, healthy, socially active professionals that are in demand by modern society.


Address:Office 246, 26 Partisansky av., 220070, Minsk, Republic of Belarus

Tel.:+375 (17) 209 79 71, 209 79 70 – Dean’s Office for International Student

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