Special School of Psychological and Pedagogical Retraining


Boris N. Kraiko,
Ph.D. in Pedagogical Science

Dean of the School is Boris N. Kraiko, Ph.D. in Pedagogical Science

The special School of psychological and Pedagogical Retraining (for Instructors of Economic Subjects) was established on the grounds of Chancellor’s Order No. 127-A dated March 03, 1999 in accordance with Order No. 85 dated March 01, 1999 of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus.
         The special School operates on the grounds of the Regulation on Special School of psychological and Pedagogical Retraining for Instructors of Economic Subjects, Regulation on Organization Unit “Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining of Specialists in Economics” of Belarus State Economic University Educational Institution, and Regulation on Continuing Professional Education of Executive Employees and Professionals approved by Resolution No. 20 dated January 11, 1995 of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus
         The Special School is an organizational unit of the Institute of Retraining and Development of Economic Cadres of Belarus State Economic University. The Special School of psychological and Pedagogical Retraining is financed through the state budget.

The Special School operates in the following fields:

  1. Advanced Training;
  2. Retraining of Personnel with a specialization in 1-08 01 73 Professional Education

The main objectives of the School are as follows:

psychological and pedagogical retraining of lecturers and personnel working at Belarus State Economic University, as well as lecturers and personnel of other educational institutions who are teaching various economic courses.

To achieve the objectives the academic staff of the School deals with the following issues:

  1. Teaching trainees to master pedagogical skills and apply active forms and practices of teaching in academic setting;
  2. Facilitating learning of the ways to settle conflicts during pedagogical process;
  3. Acquainting with modern information technologies of learning;
  4. Enabling trainees to obtain research skills and summarize the best practices;
  5. Teaching trainees to develop lecture courses as well as apply skills in oratory;
  6. Fostering trainees’ fulfillment of their creative potential.

Along with the best academic and teaching staff of the city of Minsk, highly qualified specialists of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and the National Institute of Education are also invited to teach. Education of trainees is primarily focused on acquisition of practically-oriented knowledge. Trainees are taught to apply advanced teaching methods and practices.



Address:    Mendeleev St. 36, Building 108, 109
220037 Minsk

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+375 17 229 12 10- Dean’s Office

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