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School of Accounting and Economics

The Dean is V.A. Berezovsky, Ph.D. (Economics), Associate Professor.
The School of Accounting and Economics (SAE), one of the oldest schools of the University, was founded in 1933.

At present the School of Accounting and Economics comprises six departments, including the degree-granting departments:

  1. Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Manufacturing;
  2. Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Agro-Industrial Complex and Transport;
  3. Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Trade;
  4. Department of Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Industries of the National Economy;
  5. Department of Statistics

and a general science department of Higher Mathematics.

The departments of the School employ 151 highly qualified lecturers, including 11 Doctors hab., professors and 78 Ph.D.s.

The School’s faculty are involved in development of legal acts and regulations of the Republic of Belarus concerning statistics, accounting, analysis and audit.

At present, the School has 4,000 students, of which 1,700 are full time, and 2,300 part time students.

SAE has good facilities for efficient studies, life, recreation, sports, amateur artistic activities and leisure.

Starting from the first year of studies, the students are involved in scientific research, take part in all kind of academic Olympiads, conferences, and forums. The departments organize research circles where students can carry out research on relevant issues of economics under the supervision of experienced instructors and renowned scholars. It is a common practice for students to take part in research and development of themes and grants financed from the state budget and commercial contracts.

The School’s departments cooperate with universities of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, China, Lithuania, Poland and other countries within the framework of the University’s program of international scientific and technological cooperation.

Cultural and sports activities are always in full swing at the School. Annual student hikes have become a tradition. Sports teams of the School are regularly among the prize winners at competitions of various levels. Students take an active part in creative, literary, photo contests held by the School. Among the participants, along with undergraduate students, are members of the staff, master students, doctoral students and the faculty of the School.

The School’s graduates acquire profound knowledge in the theory and practice of accounting, analysis, taxation and audit in companies of all forms of ownership using updated software and international standards. They are trained in legal principles of entrepreneurship and commercial activities, theory of monetary and financial relations, management and modern computer technologies, are able to quickly adapt to practical work.

The general education and professional training of the School’s graduates enables them to be employed as:
● chief accountants and their deputies;
● inspectors and auditors;
● specialists of state control, financial and tax agencies;
● accounting and finance managers;
● specialists of state statistics bodies, ministries and agencies, research and educational institutions.

The School trains full time and part time students in the following majors:
● 1-25 01 05 – statistics (provided only at SAE in the Republic of Belarus);
accounting, analysis and audit in the following specializations:
○ 1-25 01 08 05 – accounting, analysis and audit in manufacturing;
○ 1-25 01 08 09 – accounting, analysis and audit in agro-industrial complex;
○ 1-25 01 08 08 – accounting, analysis and audit in construction;
○ 1-25 01 08 12 – accounting, analysis and audit in trade and catering;
○ 1-25 01 08 03 – accounting, analysis and audit in budgetary and research organizations (only at SAE in the Republic of Belarus);
○ 1-25 01 08 14 – accounting, analysis and audit in foreign economic activities (only full time education);
○ 1-25 01 08 06 – accounting, analysis and audit in transport enterprises.

The instruction in accounting major for part time students is provided in two modes – full term and reduced term mode (for graduates of secondary professional colleges).

The School graduates are qualified as economists.

The School provides master and Ph.D. courses in the major of “Accounting, statistics.”


Address: Partizansky av. 26, Building 3, Room 334 Minsk 220070 Belarus
Ph./fax: +375 17 209-78-24 – Dean Vladimir Berezovski;
209-78-25 – Deputy Dean Olga M. Smolyakova;
209-88-36 – Deputy Dean Andrey L. Buyev;
209-88-36 – administrative assistant for full time education;
209-88-33 – administrative assistants for part time education;
209-78-20 – administrative assistants for part time education.
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