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Dabrarodni Danila G.
PhD in Philosophical sciences
Associate Professor

The Institute of Social Science and Humanities Education (ISSHE) was founded in April 2005 to combine the potential of the country's leading economic university and humanities departments in order to train specialists at the intersection of economic and socio-humanitarian disciplines for a modern economy in which human and social capital occupies a central place. More than 130  faculty members, of whom 8 have Dr. hab. degree and 42 are PhDs, ensure a high quality professional training of undergraduate and graduate students. The departments of the ISHE provide for the teaching process at all the schools of BSEU, delivering courses of lectures in social sciences and humanities.

The Institute of Social Science and Humanities Education incorporates 5 departments, these include:

Unique opportunities

The ISSHE maintains scientific partnership relations with St. Petersburg State University, Moscow State University, Volgograd State University, Kyiv Taras Shevchenko National University, the Institute of Philosophy, Institute of Social and Political Research, Institute of Europe of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the field of strategic priorities of civilization development in the 21st century and their substantiation, improving the quality of university training, provision of scientific, research and educational activities, preparation and implementation of scientific research projects, academic syllabuses and manuals for social sciences and humanities.

The Center for Social and Humanitarian Studies plays an important role in the practice-oriented training of students and the realization of the scientific potential of employees. Since 2020, the Center has implemented more than 10 funded scientific projects, the export component is 30 thousand. Euro. Students are actively involved in scientific projects. The Head of the Center is Irina V. Lashuk. 
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The ISSHE departments train specialists in the following majors:

In the specialty "Sociology" (specialization "Economic Sociology"), students study the theory and methodology of sociological research, sociology of markets, sociology of management, sociology of public opinion, sociology of politics and international relations, sociological support of marketing activities, socio-economic design and forecasting, sociology of business, sociology of marriage and family, as well as economic, psychological and political science disciplines. During the training, students acquire the skills of teaching sociology and socio-political disciplines, organizing and conducting sociological research within the framework of pedagogical and industrial practices. As the experience of employment of graduates trained in the framework of the specialization "Economic Sociology" has shown, they are most in demand in sociological and marketing research centers, in sociological and marketing services at enterprises and organizations, in firms and consulting companies of various profiles, in mass media organizations and companies, in services and organizations of various forms of ownership specializing in communication and media, in banking, in HR structures, in PR agencies, as teachers, in administrative positions and in public administration bodies. Graduates are awarded the qualification "Sociologist. Teacher of sociology and socio-political disciplines".

The specialty "Political Science" (specialization "Political Management") trains specialists whose qualifications combine training in political, economic, social and humanitarian sciences. Training "at the junction" of political science and economics allows you to integrate knowledge in the field of modern politics, public administration, economics and strategic management. Political scientists-managers acquire skills of working with different audiences, organize communication and representation of interests of business structures in public authorities. Having deep knowledge in the field of politics and economics, political scientists-managers provide analysis and forecasting of political processes in the Republic of Belarus and the modern world, take part in the development of political and economic decisions, advise representatives of business, government agencies, civil society structures. Graduates of the specialty "Political Science" receive the necessary knowledge base for practical work as analysts, aspiring leaders and activists of youth associations, public organizations and political parties, employees of press services and PR departments of public authorities, business structures, public organizations, employees of analytical centers and consulting agencies. Our graduates work in government bodies, public organizations, information and analytical centers, mass media. Graduates are awarded the qualification of "Political scientist-manager".

Educational program in the specialty "Psychology" (specialization "Psychology of entrepreneurship") it is focused on the formation of students' competencies in the field of psychological analysis of socio-economic relations, psychology of managerial decision-making, psychological assistance, correction of behavior in labor collectives. Students of this specialty study management psychology, business psychology, psychology of business communication, psychology of advertising and PR, conflictology, theory and methodology of psychological research, learn to conduct socio-psychological trainings and effective communication trainings, study other disciplines of economic and socio-humanitarian profile. Graduates of the specialty "Psychology" with the specialization "Psychology of entrepreneurship" work as HR managers at enterprises and organizations, in personnel and recruiting agencies, psychologists-consultants in social and psychological assistance centers, in advertising companies, teachers-psychologists in educational institutions, teachers of psychological disciplines in higher and secondary specialized educational institutions, researchers in research institutions. Graduates are awarded the qualification "Psychologist. Psychology teacher".

For the purpose of professional training of specialists and their further scientific advancement the ISHE offers the following postgraduate courses: 
-  Master's courses in "Political Science";

- Master's courses in "Economic Sociology";

- Research courses for students seeking the PhD degree in the following majors: 23.00.01 "Theory and Philosophy of Politics, History and Methodology of Political Science", 23.00.02 "Political Institutions, Processes and Technologies", 23.00.04 "Political Problems of International Relations of Global and Regional Development".

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