Oksana N. Shkutko
Ph. D.(Economics)
Associate Professor

The School of International Economic Relations (SIER) offers undergraduate degrees in the following majors: World Economy (specializations: Management of Foreign Economic Activity and International Investment), Business Administration, Economic Theory (specialization: Economic Policy) and Economics.

The SIER is one of the most prestigious schools of the University. Established over a quarter of a century’s ago, back in 1992, the School has accumulated a unique set of skills and competencies to provide its students with the best learning experience in the field of World Economy and International Economic Activity.


Unique opportunities

The School currently enrolls over 1100 students on a full-time and part-time basis.  Its graduates (about 250 specialists per year) acquire deep knowledge of micro- and macroeconomic analysis, build their expertise in international management and marketing, master their skills in international market analysis, learn to identify global market trends. On their way to becoming good specialists in international economic relations, students achieve proficiency in accounting, international trade finance and insurance, information technologies.
What makes the School stand out is its special focus on foreign languages. Students majoring in World Economy and Business Administration master at least two foreign languages. Students majoring in Economics and Economic Theory get high-intensity training in one foreign language.

Highly qualified teachers, multimedia language laboratories, unique programs  help students build their professional vocabulary and master their conversational skills. What distinguishes the graduates of the School of International Economic Relations is their spoken language proficiency coupled with the ability to conduct effective business negotiations and draw up sound business contracts.   


World Economy

The World Economy major from Belarus State Economic University is intended to provide students with a holistic insight into the forces shaping the global economy. The program will allow students to develop a global and innovative strategic vision in today’s complex, unpredictable and interconnected world.
The program is taught by dedicated, highly-qualified academics and well-known experts with vast international experience. The team of experts includes, among others, a prominent economist and former Belarusian Ambassador to China – Kirill Rudy. 
The students will work in classes with highly supportive and stimulating environment.  In the World Economy program students will:

It is high time to prepare for a career in the global marketplace, using advanced language skills in the field of international business. The World Economy program offers the most comprehensive combination of economic and language training.  Students who choose this major will learn how to live, work and succeed in a business environment that’s anything but local!

Management of Foreign Economic Activity

Graduates of the specialization Management of Foreign Economic Activity acquire knowledge of the trends and rules underlying international trade and foreign economic activity of the Republic of Belarus. They work at exporting and marketing departments of numerous firms, in Belarusian diplomatic missions abroad, in banks, at joint ventures, in international companies and organizations.

Future specialists in International Investment are trained to compose investment business plans and perform financial analysis, to search for foreign investors, to check investment decisions for their compliance with international standards, to evaluate the eligibility of the investment projects for government-backed guarantees, to build and promote a favorable investment climate.

Some graduates of the program work for public administration at the regional and local level, ministries and government agencies. Others have joined private sector companies, banks and financial institutions.

Business Administration

Future specialists in Business Administration are trained to become managers at enterprises and organizations that conduct their economic activity both locally and internationally. Students study various aspects of local and international business environment, master effective management techniques. Graduates of this program have been successfully employed by state-owned enterprises and private firms, joint ventures and foreign enterprises.

The Economic Policy

The Economic Policy major is designed to empower students with deep understanding of economic theory and various aspects of economic relations, to provide an insight to modern methods and tools of economic policy, to help students explore the theory and methods of teaching economic subjects. Graduates are awarded the qualification "Economist. Teacher of economic disciplines." The spectrum of job opportunities for this major ranges from various ministries, state and municipal authorities, enterprises, to research centers and educational institutions.


Graduates majoring in Economics are competent in economic analysis, project management, organizational management, scientific research. They acquire a unique qualification of an economic analyst. The distinctive feature of this major is a combination of profound knowledge of economic theory, mathematical economics and languages. Students acquire fundamental training in modern economic theory; they study a wide range of mathematical disciplines indispensable for every modern economist, modern technologies of information processing, statistics, econometrics and mathematical economics. The high level of fundamental training is combined with good knowledge of applied subjects: taxation, investment analysis and business planning, risk management and insurance, banking, equity markets, etc. Specialists with the qualification Economic Analyst are in demand at state administration bodies, various organizations, including consulting firms, foreign enterprises and joint ventures, analytical departments in banks, insurance companies, and research centers.

Second level of education

The School of International Economic Relations offers a number of Master’s Degree programs, including programs in World Economy, Economic Theory, Economics.

Back in 2012, the School launched its first Master’s Degree program taught entirely in English – International Economics and Trade Policy. The program was organized with technical assistance from the University of Applied Sciences (Germany, Berlin) and the Virtual Institute of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).

Year 2016 marked the launch of a new Master’s Degree Program International Economics and Commercial Diplomacy, delivered in two language options.
The school offers post-graduate programs to local and foreign citizens.

International activity

The School has International Economic Relations not only in its name but in all its activities.
The SIER works in close collaboration with numerous foreign educational institutions (Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Moldova); participates in various international educational programs (Tempus, Erasmus +); develops new joint programs with European Universities (France, Poland, Spain); engages in international programs of academic mobility; participates in various international conferences; conducts joint research with foreign partners.  
The School has established itself as the nationwide leader in the field of preparing highly qualified specialists in World Economy and International Economic Relations. School alumni are employed across the spectrum of major global organizations including the UN, IMF, and World Bank, as well as various governmental bodies and Ministries. Many alumni of the School constitute the elite of domestic business.


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