The School of Economics and Management


Elena V. Petrichenko
Associate prof.

Being a legal successor of the School of Economics and Planning (which was established at our University in 1933), the School of Economics and Management ranks among the oldest ones.

Having such a long history, university education traditions and experience, the School of Economics and Management has achieved significant results in training highly qualified staff for the economy of the Republic of Belarus. Among our graduates there are Ministers and Deputy Ministers, top managers of large enterprises, Rectors and Vice-Rectors of educational establishments, heads in the structure of public administration and local government, etc. So, the entire history of the School proves that the results are noticeable.

Today School includes following departments:

Unique opportunities

Today our School is a modern educational platform where highly qualified faculty, in cooperation with grass-roots organizations of the real sector of the economy, offer a wide range of specialties in economics and management. After graduating our students have a chance to implement the most ambitious plans in their professional activity.

More than 2,000 full-time and part-time students who receive undergraduate education study at the School annually. As the School's activity aims not only at professional training of specialists but also at their scientific progress, our students are involved in the research and development process, too. This way, we ensure the integration of the educational process with the scientific research and economic practice. Each department has its own student research laboratories, as well as Master's, PhD and Dr. hab. degree courses.

Students' self-governance bodies (the Student Council, the Trade Union Committee, the BRSM (Belarusian Youth Union) Committee) are very active at the School. They are initiators of various original events. According to the results of their activity, the BRSM Committee and the Trade Unions Committee have been one of the best at the University for the past several years. The School was the first at the BSEU to design its own flag and emblem at the initiative of students. The School has its own anthem as well.

The School of Economics and Management is one of the leading Schools of the University, actively involved in various University activities. Its results are highly appreciated every year, which ensures its constant leadership in the BSEU review competition in various categories of methodological, research, ideological and educational work. Students of the School of Economics and Management are successful in bringing victories in international and national scientific contests and Olympiads, creative activities and sports competitions.

Being a graduate of the School of Economics and Management has several advantages:

The teaching process is organized in academic building № 4, where there are   classrooms equipped with multimedia systems, computer classrooms with modern software, a corporate communication system with Internet access, etc.


The School provides training in the following specialties and specializations:

International Activity

The School of Economics and Management conducts its international activity in 2 directions: the development of cooperation with foreign Universities and export of educational services. It actively cooperates with 11 educational establishments from Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, and Sweden through   the participation of teachers in international projects, scientific conferences and workshops (including the ones on-line), academic mobility of both teachers and students, etc. The number of international students from Russia, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, etc. is growing with every passing year.





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