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The School of Management

The Dean of the School is Dr. hab., professor Valentina A. Simkhovich.

The School of Management, BSEU, the successor of the University’s oldest School of Economics and Planning, was established in 1992. Combining traditions of university education and European experience, the School trains a new generation of specialists majoring in Economics and Management, Economic Information Science and Economic Cybernetics. The School’s faculty comprises 120 highly qualified members (of which 20 hold a Dr. hab. degree and 55 have a Ph.D. degree) who secure the School a significant position in the national economic education.

The School of Management comprises 8 degree-granting departments:

  • Department of Economics of Industrial Enterprises,
  • Department of Organization and Management,
  • Department of Economics and Management of Agricultural Enterprises,
  • Department of Environmental Economics,
  • Department of Labor Economics,
  • Department of National Economy and State Management,
  • Department of Applied Mathematics and Economic Cybernetics,
  • Department of Economic Information Science.

The School’s departments provide training in the following majors and specializations:

  • Economics and Management of Enterprise (specializations: Managing industrial companies, Managing agro-industrial complex companies, Environmental Economics, Labor Economics)
  • Economic Information Science
  • Economic Cybernetics (specialization: Optimum Economic Planning and Administration)
  • State Management
  • Management (area: Innovative Management).

In 2010/2011 academic year the School had 2568 undergraduate students including 1290 full-time students. The School is aimed at training specialists able to accomplish both operation and strategic objectives in different branches of the Belarusian economy which accounts for such a big number of students. Tо enhance the quality of training, a number of professionals from manufacturing and agricultural enterprises, research institutions and agencies are involved in the teaching process. To attain this aim, the School initiated creation of department branches. At present one of such branches is functioning under the department of national economy and state management.

Many years’ experience in training specialists in economics and management and awareness of the need for the School to develop and be involved in international cooperation make the teaching process most effective and productive. The School’s faculty members take an active part in scientific research conducted within the framework of the state scholarly programs of developing science and technology, by contract with ministries, state agencies, enterprises and organizations of the Republic of Belarus. Students are also involved in the School’s research activities, thus the integration of teaching, scientific research, and economic practice is achieved. To enhance student research work, student research laboratories have been created at each department of the School.

The activities of the School of Management are aimed at both professional training of specialists and their scholarly achievement. That is why each of the 8 degree-granting departments offers Master’s, Ph.D. and Dr. hab. degree courses.

The School’s departments involve their students and alumni in international educational programs. High quality and adherence to international standards in training specialists of the economic specialization enable them to cooperate effectively with well-known business schools of Russia, Poland, Germany, France, Sweden, and the USA. For instance, professors from the Economic Academy of Wroclaw deliver a course of lectures on artificial intelligence, whereas contacts with a foreign company «Stotz Agro-Service» envisage conducting workshops and on-site classes at the company’s premises, etc.

The teaching process is organized in a 9-storeyed building. The School has at its disposal 6 multimedia lecture rooms, 4 computer classrooms with modern PCs and up-to-date software, and a corporate communication system connected to the Internet. This technical support of the teaching process provides students with practical skills of efficient handling of office equipment using the latest IT-technologies. Textbooks, manuals, practical courses, guidelines, etc. available in the BSEU local computer network widen the students’ opportunities for on-line access to instruction materials and improve the quality of educational services provided by the School.

The School of Management has won the title of the best School at the University for several years running. The students of the School were the first at the University to design their flag and emblem. Students’ self-governance bodies (the student council, the panel of monitors, the BRSM (Belarusian Youth Union) committee, and the trade Union Committee) are very active at the School. They are regular organizers of various original events. They initiate «The Best Academic Group» annual contests; the winner is awarded with a trip around historical places of Belarus. The School’s BRSM committee has been the winner in the University contest for 5 years running.

The students and faculty members from the School of Management are among the most active sportsmen of the university. They are regular prizewinners at the BSEU sports competitions in different kinds of sport (chess, volleyball, basketball, arm-wrestling, judo, etc.).

The School’s students are guided by the following principles:

  • Analyze your knowledge: find out what you are worth; take part in competitions, Olympiads, and conferences.
  • Make yourself known: activity favors professional development.
  • Believe in your dream: seek to find work in the best company.
  • Don’t give up in any situation.
  • Remember: only the School of Management can be better than the School of Management!

Location of the Dean’s Office and the departments of the School of Management:

  • Dean’s Office – Rooms 302-304, Building 4
  • Department of Environmental Economics – Room 208, Building 4
  • Department of Economic Information Science – Room 404, Building 4
  • Department of Economics at Industrial Enterprises – Room 502, Building 4
  • Department of Organization and Management – Room 504, Building 4
  • Department of Economics and Management of Agricultural Enterprises – Room 702, Building 4
  • Department of National Economy and State Management – Room 704, Building 4
  • Department of Applied Mathematics and Economic Cybernetics – Room 804, Building 4
  • Department of Labor Economics – Room 907, Building 4
Our Address: room 302/4, 26 Partizansky av., Minsk,
220672, Republic of Belarus
Tel/fax: +375 17 209 88 47
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