The Faculty of Commerce and Tourism Industry

The Faculty of Commerce and Tourism Industry (FCTI) is one of the oldest faculties of the university.

Thanks to the preservation of traditions and the use of modern approaches to the organization of the educational process, the Faculty has trained more than 25 thousand highly qualified specialists for Belarus and other countries, among which there have been ministers and deputy ministers, statesmen, scientists, heads of large and small businesses, as well as entrepreneurs.

The faculty consists of 5 departments:


Today, over 2000 full-time and external students are trained at the Faculty for the fields of trade, real estate, restaurant business, as well as the tourism and hospitality industry according to the educational standards of higher education in the Republic of Belarus.
Our values and priorities:

  1. The formation of modern educational space
  2. Active involvement of students in the educational process based on the use of modern teaching methods and technologies allows students of the faculty to form competencies that are required at the labor market.
    The digital educational platform "Moodle" is actively used in the teaching process at the Faculty and allows students to receive timely methodological support of the educational process, additional consultations on writing coursework and diploma theses, practice reports, completion of training and individual assignments, preparation for current and final certification.
    Faculty teachers use innovative forms of classes and modern technologies that allow students to develop economic logic, solve non-standard problems, generate modern management solutions aimed at developing companies in a competitive market environment.
    Small group work, working with cases, project creation, videoconferencing, webinars, guided self-study, and other forms of work are actively used in the learning process.
    The Faculty's laboratories and classrooms are equipped with modern equipment and allow students to improve practical skills of studying the consumer properties of goods, to determine their quality and safety indicators.
    The Faculty's students speak foreign languages and are trained in business communication, business correspondence with foreign partners, which gives them additional competencies and allows them to work successfully with foreign partners and in international companies.

  3. High quality of professional training
  4. The training of economists is provided by the teaching staff of 5 departments of the Faculty, more than 70% of whom are Doctors and Candidates of Science.
    Practitioners and guest lecturers, including those from foreign higher educational institutions, are involved in teaching; meetings with the representatives of government and business bodies are organized at the Faculty.
    The faculty has a scientific and innovative Master's degree program in such areas as «Commodity research and product examination» (Profilization: Commerce in the consumer market); «Economics» (Profilization: Economics and management of tourist complexes and territories; Economic and antimonopoly regulation; Economics and management in the real estate market) and post-graduate and doctoral courses, which allows to facilitate the professional development of scientific and pedagogical personnel, transferring the experience of leading specialists, and creating conditions for realizing the potential of talented youth. Many teachers are graduates of the Faculty, which ensures the continuity of traditions and generations.
    Material and technical resources contribute to the high quality of students training. The Faculty is located in educational building No 5, in Minsk city centre at 7, Sverdlova Str. It has its classroom fund; assembly, fitness and gym halls; and a library, which allows high-quality training. The Faculty's laboratories and classrooms are equipped with modern computer equipment, multimedia training tools, Wi-Fi, and retail equipment. Students have an opportunity to work with computer databases and library collections.

  5. Science
  6. The Faculty is proud of the Scientific and Pedagogical School of Economics and Management in Trade (head: Doctor of Economics, Professor-consultant Korolenok Gennadiy Antonovich), which is engaged in research in the field of trade development in the context of globalization, in the field of export-import operations, formation of distribution networks, innovative development of the industry, development of e-commerce and improvement of business processes in trade, and also makes a great contribution to the training of higher qualification scientific personnel, who form the scientific capacity of the country.
    The Faculty pays great attention to scientific development, including student science. Professorial- teaching staff of the departments has a high level of scientific qualification, participates in the presentation of their developments and research at the national and international levels; actively participates in the implementation of scientific and research topics for companies in the real economy, participates in the implementation of State programs and is engaged by Ministries and Departments of the Republic to solve practical problems. 
    Faculty teachers actively publish the results of their research in domestic and foreign scientific publications with a high citation index, participate in republican and international scientific and practical conferences and are members of editorial boards of leading economic journals, including foreign ones.
    The Faculty's students have multiple opportunities for developing their scientific capacity under the guidance of highly qualified specialists: to work within the framework of scientific contract topics, to participate in the receipt of grants; to present their works at conferences and competitions of the international level.
    Since 2016, the Faculty has been organizing the Annual International scientific and practical conference for students and young scientists "Modern Mechanism of Functioning of Trading Business and Tourism Industry: Reality and Prospects". Since 2021 - the Case Championship has been held.
    Four student's research laboratories - "Handal'", "Kommersant", "Tovaroved", and "Turanalitik" - successfully work at the FCTI. Many students' research papers were awarded prizes at national and international competitions, and also at Olympiads. The scholarship of the President of the Republic of Belarus, the scholarship named after F. Skaryna, and the scholarship of the Council of Belarus State Economic University have been awarded to students for their high results in educational, research, and social activities.

  7. The development of business skills and aptitudes
  8. The Faculty of Commerce and Tourism Industry takes part in the implementation of the pilot project "Improving the Activities of Higher Education Institutions Based on the "University 3.0" Model" which involves the events of various formats aimed at developing business skills and stimulating student entrepreneurship.
    The following units of innovative infrastructure have been created:

      • a students' scientific and practical business incubator of the FCTI, focused on the acquisition of practical skills and competencies in creating and developing one's own business;
      • an applied-research branch laboratory of antimonopoly and price regulation, regulation in the field of trade, which operates on the basis of the Department of Trade Economics and Services of the FCTI and ensures the strengthening of scientific relations of the Belarus State Economic University with the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade of the Republic of Belarus.

    Numerous master-classes, training, and workshops held at the FCTI are aimed at building business skills and competencies in the field of entrepreneurial activity. The students of the Faculty take first part in various competitions of business projects annually.


    The Faculty of Commerce and Tourism Industry trains specialists in the following specialties:
    1-25 01 09 «Commodity research and product examination» (full-time course)
    1-25 01 10 «Commercial Activity» (full-time and part-time courses)
    1-25 01 13 «Economics and management of tourism industry» (full-time and part-time courses)
    1-25 01 14 «Commodity science and commercial entrepreneurship» (part-time course)
    1-25 01 16 «Economics and management in the real estate market» (full-time and part-time courses)


  9. Practical orientation and relevance in the labor market
  10. The Faculty of Commerce and Tourism Industry deals with business entities of the real sector of the economy. Meetings and round table events are held on a regular basis with specialists from the Ministries and Departments of the Republic of Belarus as well as with companies that take leading positions in the restaurant and tourism industry. The representatives of these organizations conduct master-classes for students, interact with the departments of the Faculty, get involved in the work of the State Examination Commission, and assist in the admission of students to various types of placements and the subsequent employment of graduates. The FCTI takes an active part in the preparation and conduct of the Job Fair that is held annually.
    Several branches have been created on the departments of the Faculty basis. As part of the activities organized by these branches, professional practitioners take part in discussing and upgrading the content of the curricula, conduct training sessions, and supervise undergraduate student projects as well as organize various extracurricular activities.
    The high level of education of our graduates is determined by their relevance in the labor market, employment in the Ministries and Departments of the Republic and successful work in organizations of the real sector of the economy.

  11. Creating opportunities for self-fulfillment and fostering corporate culture and traditions
  12. While studying, students of the Faculty are provided with a variety of options for self-fulfillment. Students' self-regulation bodies (Student Council, Students' Labor Union, and BRYU) are actively engaged in University life.
    FCTI students take an active part and win prizes in public, scientific, cultural, charity, sporting and many other events of university, republican and international levels.
    As part of the development of students' self-regulation bodies, different projects have been implemented at the Faculty: student scientific society, science slams, inter-universities intellectual competition "Expertise Horizons". The "FCTI Workshop" provides students with an opportunity to attend various master-classes, seminars, and practical courses given by outside speakers. Many students are involved in voluntary and charity work.
    Great attention is paid to students sports. In different periods, Olympic champions and winners of the republican and international competitions studied at the Faculty: D. Domracheva, E. Altshul, V. Romanovsky, etc. At present, FCTI students are members of university and youth national sports teams which repeatedly win medal places.
    The Faculty has its own symbols – a flag, an emblem, and a mascot. The Faculty follows its traditions, which are treasured and handed down from senior to first-year students.


Address:    7 Sverdlova Str., Minsk, Republic of Belarus

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