The Students' Club of BSEU celebrated its 35th anniversary on 3 of November 2001. It is the creative abilities of students that are expressed through their participation in the Students' Club.

It has about 50 creative groups, among which are a show-ballet "Deja-vue", a variety dance ensemble "J'ete", a folklore ensemble "Gorlitsa", children's ensemble of a variety dance "Charodzey", a variety song theatre "Atlantida-Voice", author's song club "A House at the Road", a studio of modern music and arrangement, and so on. Many of them are participants and prize-winners of national and international contests and festivals. They also went on concert tours abroad. Two ensembles have a title of "people's collectives".

The creative groups of the Students' Club give concerts at enterprises and educational institutions of the capital, they perform for the War veterans and retired employees. Traditional events in the Students' Club are "Day of Knowledge", "Vivat, Freshman!", "Night of Beauty", "Hallo, We are Looking for Talents", "Day of the University", and festival "Student Spring of BSEU."

On the basis of the Students' Club, all- university and interuniversity events are organized, including KVN games, student festivals of the intellectual BSEU teams club. The festivals "Gold Signature Stamp" and "Student Humour" have become an important part not only in the life of our university, but also of other universities.

BSEU club members are actively engaged in charitable activities: they help children in orphanages, participate in the action "You Can Help!"

Physical training and sports are an integral part of the University student life. Annually young men and women participate in more than 50 competitions, tournaments, sports holidays with 18 kinds of sports being part of them. Competitions in aerobics are bright and beautiful. Faculty football, basketball, and volleyball teams are emotional and very competitive.

Preparation of high-class athletes is a reality thanks to a good sports base, qualified coaches, and the care of the administration. The women's volleyball team "Belbusinessbank-BSEU", ex-champion of Belarus and many-times national prize-winner, soccer team "Economist", teams of ping-pong, wrestling, handball, and arm wrestling create prestige of the University. We are proud of the BSEU graduates - the Olympic champion in rowing, Vladimir Romanovsky, the World and European champions Vitaly Pesnyak (sambo-wrestling and judo) and Elena Altshul (checkers), the prize-winner of the European championships in ping-pong Tatyana Kostromina.

At the same time, it is students' health strengthening and healthy lifestyle developing that is the main goal of physical education and sports activities. Therefore, this work is conducted not only in the University gym-halls, but also in dorms, and in sports camp "Economist" at Vileyskoye water reservoir.

Students, faculty and their families always have unforgettable impressions after staying at the summer holiday camp "Economist". Annually more than 600 people go on vacation and improve their health in that picturesque place, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. Swimming, picking mushrooms and berries coupled with evening disco parties, sports competitions, and other events make sure that students have high spirits for the whole academic year.