The Faculty of Marketing and Logistics– 25 years!

The Faculty was founded in 1997. Currently, it has more than 1,600 students, 50 per cent of whom are full-time studies and 50 per cent are part-time studies. Every year, the Faculty graduates about 400 young specialists in the field of transport and warehouse logistics, marketing and advertising. Today the Faculty is focused on strengthening practical training of specialists, developing of professional and scientific relations at the national and international levels, fruitful cooperation and building partnerships with representatives of Belarusian business, professional communities, graduates.

Since 2021, training in all specialties is carried out according to new curriculum, which provide for the deepening of relevant practical skills and the use of innovative teaching methods.

Unique features

During its existence, the Faculty has graduated more than 10,000 people who work in various industries and fields of activity in the Republic of Belarus and abroad.
The learning process at the Faculty involves the engagement of experts from the real sector within the framework of master classes, the development and solution of practical problems and cases, guest lectures, and practical classes based on the branches of the departments.

The Faculty organised the Youth Environmental Festival “Greenfest 2021” for the first time in 2021, and the forum “Logistics of the Future 2022” was held in 2022.
The main aspects of improving the educational process at the Faculty are the use of innovative forms and teaching methods, the practical orientation of the training sessions, the holding of significant student activities in the field of marketing and logistics, and the involvement of students in the research life of the Faculty.

The Faculty includes three departments:

The departments of “Marketing”, “Logistics and Pricing Policy”, “Industrial Marketing and Communications” graduate specialists. The research interests of the departments focus on advertising and integrated marketing communications, logistics and procurement, green economy, marketing research, pricing.


Students are trained in three specialties:

There are no specialisations within the specialties “Logistics” and “Advertising”. The specialty “Marketing” provides training in the following specialisations:

Teaching at the Faculty is carried out on full-time, part-time, part-time shortened (after the specialised college) forms of higher education.

Future career

Marketing (without specialization);

During the training process, students of the specialty study a number of economic disciplines – “Statistics”, “Econometrics”, “World Economy” and special ones – “International Marketing”, “Integrated Marketing Communications”, “Marketing Research and Analytics”, “Internet Marketing”, “Strategic marketing” which form professional skills and competencies in this field. They learn to predict sales volumes of goods and services, to justify the expediency of producing certain goods, to design rational schemes for product distribution and product support, to develop creative advertising campaigns, to work out effective ways to stimulate sales, to use Internet marketing tools, to justify prices for goods and services, to provide service support for goods.

Graduates of the specialty “Marketing” work in specialised marketing organizations that provide marketing consulting services, marketing research services, development of marketing plans, preparation and support of advertising campaigns, branding, event, SMM-agencies, marketing and advertising departments of organizations.

International Marketing

The specialisation provides training of specialists who have a good knowledge of the features of world markets, the economics of joint ventures and foreign enterprises, international law, intercultural communications, foreign languages. Ministries and departments, joint ventures and foreign organizations, foreign economic and foreign trade departments of organizations, organizations and enterprises developing foreign relations, actively engaged in export, studying new markets, establishing new sales channels abroad need such specialists.
The curriculum of the specialisation includes such disciplines as “International Marketing Management”, “Intercultural Communications”, “Consumer Behaviour and Pricing Policy in Foreign Markets”.
Graduates of this specialisation work in international companies, representative offices of foreign companies in Belarus, Belarusian companies that are focused on the development of export potential, and conduct research and service foreign markets, implement global marketing and communication strategies.

Intercompany Marketing

Training in the specialization “Industrial Marketing” implies an in-depth study of the features of marketing in the enterprise market. The main difference between industrial marketing and consumer marketing is that marketers of this profile interact not with final consumers (the population), but with organizations that purchase goods and services for production needs or for trade and intermediary activities.

Specialists in intercompany marketing are well aware of the features of sales and purchases of industrial goods (raw materials, components, machinery and equipment). In this area, not only sales but also purchases of goods are conducted on a professional basis.

The curriculum of the specialisation, along with general economic and marketing disciplines, includes the study of a number of specialised disciplines in the modules “Marketing Tools of Commodity Markets”, “Marketing in Industries and Spheres of Activity”, “Procurement Technologies”.

Graduates of this specialisation work in marketing, sales (distribution), procurement, material supply, organizations and enterprises of industrial, commercial and non-productive spheres, as well as in wholesale trade organizations, leasing companies, foreign trade organizations and trading houses.


Graduates of the Faculty of the specialty “LOGISTICS” are able to provide practical implementation of the concept of managing material, information and financial flows, aimed at improving the efficiency of both the entire enterprise and its individual structural units.

The activity of a specialist in the field of logistics is multifaceted. It comprises the management of material flows at all stages of product promotion from manufacturer to consumer, including the production process itself.
Logistics specialists are called upon to make material and information flows as rational as possible; to implement optimal schemes of cargo transportation; to eliminate unnecessary links in the commodity distribution network; to rationalize inventory; to reduce queues, to accelerate customs clearance of goods, to simplify paperwork. During university studies our students study such disciplines as “Logistics and Supply Chain anagement”, “Inventory Management”, “Production and Procurement Logistics”, “Information Technologies and Systems in Logistics”.

Graduates work in logistics, sales (distribution), procurement, material supply, transport support, production and technical departments, as well as in dispatching and forwarding services, customs clearance services, specialised logistics centres.


Graduates of the specialty work as managers in organizations with advertising services, as well as in advertising event and branding agencies, advertising and publishing organizations, radio and television.

Advertising specialists receive not only general education in marketing, but also special knowledge of modern advertising technologies, advertising management, design, Internet advertising tools, the basics of public relations, the rules of composing advertising texts, learn to work on a computer with graphic editors. Students mastering the specialty study such disciplines as “Marketing”, “Advertising Theory”, “Advertising Research”, “Innovation and Creativity in Advertising”, “Advertising Production Technologies”, learn to make media plans, develop advertising concepts, manage advertising products and channels.


Since the foundation of the Faculty, modern teaching tools and technologies have been used in the educational process, the rating system for assessing students’ knowledge has been introduced, the corporate identity and symbols of the Faculty have been developed and improved.

The teaching staff of the Faculty are actively involved in research and contractual work in such areas as:

          Over the past 3 years, professors, postgraduates and doctoral students of the Faculty have published more than 50 textbooks and teaching aids, more than 300 scientific articles in the field of logistics, pricing, marketing, marketing communications. Teaching staff of the Faculty took part in more than 50 scientific and practical conferences, business forums and festivals held in the Republic of Belarus and abroad in the academic year 2021-2022.

Since 2021, the Faculty has been conducting an annual research of the state of marketing and prospects for its development in the Republic of Belarus. The research in the field of Belarusian logistics was conducted for the first time in 2022. The results, along with reports on annual industry research, are published on the Faculty’s website

The departments of the Faculty are constantly in contact with representatives of the professional community, work to establish cooperation with various enterprises and organizations of the real sector. The Department of Marketing signed agreements on cooperation and organised branches with Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus, OJSC “MMW named after S.I. Vavilov” – managing company of “BelOMO” Holding, OJSC “Institute BELORGSTANKINPROM”. The Department of Logistics and Pricing Policy has been successfully cooperating with OMA LLC for 5 years. The Department of Industrial Marketing and Communications implements cooperation agreements with Webcom Group LLC, SMJ LLC, Maxi By Media LLC, Belinvesttorg LLC, Synergy LLC, opened a branch at CJSC “Minsk Plant of Soft Drinks” and in 2021 in the “Association of Advertising Organizations of the Republic of Belarus".

Every year the teaching staff of the department take advanced training courses and professional courses in marketing and logistics to improve the level of qualification and master modern methods of teaching disciplines. In 2021, 17 employees took that courses and participated in professional educational programs. Over the last 5 years, the teaching staff of the departments have passed advanced training in various fields 72 times, including teaching methods in English. Due to the constant development and staff capacity-building, the Faculty managed to start the implementation of double degree programmes in 2022. The educational documentation on the specialty “Marketing” (International Marketing) for training of the students of the 1st stage in English was prepared. In 2021, the training of undergraduates in the specialty “Marketing in English’ (specialisation “International Marketing”) was implemented.

The management of the Faculty maintains business relations with the heads of large organizations and enterprises of the Republic, where students undergo training practices. There are favorable conditions for students to engage in sports, amateur art, and classes in interest groups at the Faculty. All this creates a favorable basis for high-quality training of specialists.

Our talented graduates, professionals in marketing, advertising and logistics, work in many domestic organizations, making a significant contribution to the formation and development of the new aspect of the Belarusian economy.


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