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The Faculty of Marketing and Logistics

Dean: Aleksandr A. Tsygankow, Ph.D. (Economics), Associate ProfessorDean: Aleksandr A. Tsygankow
Deputy Deans: Svetlana Razumova, Ph.D. (Economics), Associate Professor; IgorSerbul, Ph.D. (Economics), Associate Professor.
The Faculty of Marketing and Logisticswas established in 1997 on the basis of three departments: the Department of Marketing, Department of Trade in Capital Goods, and Department of Technologies of Vital Industries. Since its establishment the Faculty has expanded considerably, new majors and specializations have been offered, new departments have been formed; the number of faculty members has increased; the Master’s Degree program, aspirantura (for those pursuing the Ph.D. degree), and doctorantura (for those pursuing the Doctor hab. degree) have been introduced.

Today the student population of the Faculty of Marketing and Logistics is more than 2,000, with 45% full time and 55% part-time students. Annually the Faculty awards diplomas to about 500 young professionals.

Over the period of its existence the Faculty has had about 7,000 graduates, who are now employed not only in the Republic of Belarus but also abroad.

The Faculty of Marketing and Logistics incorporates 3 Departments:

  • Department of Marketing;
  • Department of Logistics and Pricing Policy;
  • Department of Industrial Marketing and Communications.

The Departments of Marketing, Logistics and Pricing Policy,Industrial Marketing and Communicationsare degree-granting departments.

Students are trained in two majors:
Marketing” – graduates qualify as “Marketer-economist”;
“Logistics” – graduates qualify as “Logistician-economist”. The Faculty first offered the Logistics major in 2005.
When answering the question why we need marketing, we should quote one of the founders of marketing, Philip Kotler: “In a favorable economic situation marketing is necessary for a progressive and stable development of a business, in crisis marketing becomes almost the only mechanism to enable a business to survive.”

The Faculty of Marketing and Logisticsoffers the following specializations within the Marketing major:

  • Marketing;
  • InternationalMarketing;
  • IndustrialMarketing;
  • Advertising;
  • Pricing.


Graduates with this specialization are in demand in companies’ marketing departments as well as in market research companies, and marketing companies that offer services of developing business-plans and marketing plans, implementing marketing management principles in companies, developing advertising campaigns.

International Marketing

International Marketing graduates are in demand in Ministries and Agencies that devise and implement strategies for Belarusian enterprises operating in the foreign market; in foreign economic and foreign trade departments of joint ventures and foreign companies.

Industrial Marketing

Industrial marketing graduates are in demand in marketing, sales, procurement and materials departments of organizations and companies of production and non-production spheres, including wholesale trade organizations, commodity and raw materials exchanges, broker’s offices, leasing companies, company outlets, foreign trade organizations, trade houses.


Advertising graduates are employed as advertising managers by organizations having own advertising departments as well as advertising agencies, advertising and publishing organizations, by TV and radio stations.

Advertising specialists obtain not only the general education in the sphere of marketing, but also acquire specialist knowledge in modern advertising technologies, advertising management, design, PR skills; they are taught to write advertising copies, to work with graphic editing software.


Graduates majoring in pricing are employed not only in marketing departments and organizations’ economic departments, but also by Ministries, institutions and agencies that develop pricing policy and monitor its proper implementation.


Logistics is a system of managing material, information and funds flows, aimed at enhancing effectiveness of a company’s and its departments’ overall performance.

Logistics specialists work to streamline material and information flows, implement the optimum schemes for goods transportation, eliminate unnecessary links in the commodity distribution chain, rationalize inventory, reduce queues, speed up customs clearance of goods, and simplify document circulation.

Logistics graduates are employed in logistics, sales, procurement, materials, transportation support, production and technical departments, in forwarding companies, in customs clearance departments.
Since its foundation the Faculty of Marketing and Logisticshas been practicing modern means and technologies of instruction. Students’ knowledge and progress is assessed using the rating system. The Faculty has its own insignia and corporate identity, which is being constantly upgraded.

The School’s faculty take an active part in conducting research and contract work connected with:

  • enhancing companies’ and organizations’ overall performance using marketing innovations;
  • devising strategies to increase competitiveness of national companies on the basis of applied marketing solutions;
  • using innovative solutions in the sphere of the integration of marketing and operating structures not only of individual companies, but of entire industries.

To encourage students’ research work the Faculty of Marketing and Logisticsopened a research laboratory “Poisk”.

The Faculty of Marketing and Logisticshas established effective partnership relations with many leading higher education institutions both in Belarus and abroad. The administration of the Facultymaintains business contacts with the management of large Belarusian companies and organizations, where students of the Faculty have their practical training.

The Faculty of Marketing and Logisticscreates favorable conditions for different kinds of extra-curriculum activities: sports, amateur artistic groups, various clubs and societies which is conducive to high-quality training of specialists.

A great number of graduates of the Faculty of Marketing and Logisticsare employed by companies and organizations both in Belarus and abroad. Graduates of the Faculty develop strategic profiles not only for companies and organizations, but for entire industries. They demonstrate deep professional knowledge, set example of hard work and good conduct, are involved in instructing specialists in economics.


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