The attitude of a student to his Alma Mater depends in many respects on the organization of educational process, daily activities, and leisure. Our university is equipped well enough and has material resources to provide all the necessary conditions for all the above.

As many as 3,500 non-resident students live on the campus numbering seven dormitories. All of them as well as educational buildings have canteens and cafeterias which are incorporated in the University's retail centre.

The Youth Affairs and Educational Process Department at BSEU was opened in 1995 in order to maintain and develop further the University's traditions of the Youth movement and the realization of the state policy in the sphere of education and social protection of studying youth.

Educational work at the University is systematic and purposeful, it is based on scientific and legislative normative founding documents and is performed in accordance with the constitutional law. Its main objective is the formation of general cultural and professional background of prospective BSEU graduates.

The main sectors of the functioning system, directly involved into the upbringing and educational work with studying youth, are the following: the Youth Affairs and Educational Process Council, social and psychological service, the structure of dean-deputies for educational process at every school and department, the student groups' curators, the University's faculty members, the Students' Club, the Sports Club, the deputy-head for educational process at the campus, the educators at the dormitories.

Educational process problems are discussed at the University Board meetings annually.

Special care is given to the students of the University who are from insufficiently provided unprivileged families, the students from Chernobyl Zone, the orphans and the disabled. The Trustees Board of the University renders moral and financial support to those categories of students.

The institution of curators acts successfully. The objective of the curators' work is not only to bring higher educational standard and social discipline but also to adopt students to new living conditions, to create a united students' community, to implement democratic principles oriented towards growing self-motivation in their course of study, to develop in students the feeling of responsibility and civil maturity.

The institution of curators is headed by G.A. Korolenok, Pro-Rector for Learning Process. The School of Psychological and Teaching Updating and the Youth Affairs and Educational Process Council hold annual professional updating courses for student groups' curators at the end of every academic year.

The Youth Affairs and Educational Process Council has put into life an effective system of training of the educators and the students, they constantly collaborate via several Students' Boards; provision of methodological help is always very effective and in time.

There are two actively functioning public organizations at the University - the Students' Labour Union (about 7900 members) and the Primary Unit of the Belarusian Patriotic Youth Union (BPYU) with 146 members in it. These unions act in the sphere of patriotic and moral upbringing of studying youth, social and legislative protection of students; the unions are involved into provision of opportunities for students to work during the summer time and the studying time; they also care about rendering help to the University's Great Patriotic War veterans.

Students' life is rich with cultural events. The Students' Club of BSEU has become a well-known centre of youth activities. The city and republican amateur and folk arts contests and festivals are held there. Based in the Club's premises,about 50 club unions successfully work there.

Physical education and sports are the important components of educational work.

That is well represented at the University by:

Annually the University's sports teams take part in the Republican and International Students Games. Our university teams have become prize-winners in table tennis (women), unarmed combat, judo, arm wrestling. Our university mini-football team ("The Economist") took part in the Republican Higher League Championship for many times.

The Youth Affairs and Educational Process Council supervises the Social and Psychological Service Division.