The School of Law

The School of Law was established in 1998 on the basis of the Department of Jurisprudence formed back in 1933. The Dean of the School is Aleksandr N. Shkliareuski, Candidate of Juridical Science.

Unique features

The teaching process is carried out in accordance with the state standard of the major and with regard to the needs of Belarus economy in qualified personnel. The School's graduates professionally study both juridical and economic disciplines, such as Accounting, Revision and Audit, Taxes and Taxation, International Trade, Analysis of Economic Activities, etc.

At present, the School has four departments:
Department of theory and history of law (Chair — PhD in Law, Ass. prof., O. Bodakova);
Department of state law disciplines (Chair — PhD in Law, Associate Prof., Violetta K Ladutko);
Department of civil law disciplines (Chair — Dr., Associate Prof., Tatiana S. Taranova);
Department of international economic law (Chair — PhD in Law, Associate Prof., T.V. Teliatitskaia).

Faculty members are experienced and highly qualified scholars, 70 per cent of them holding advanced degrees and scholarly titles.

The School practices continuity in training specialists of undergraduate and graduate levels. There is a specialized Council for defending Dr. and Ph.D. dissertations in the following majors: 12.00.03 – civil law; family law; entrepreneurial law; international private law; 12.00.14 – administrative law; financial law; information law.

The departments' faculty members are permanently involved in a variety of professional settings: developing and debating draft laws before their submission to the Parliament of the Republic of Belarus, as well as draft decisions of the Constitutional Court and resolutions of the Plenary Meetings of the Supreme Court and Supreme Economic Court of Belarus; they provide legal review of these documents, too.

The faculty members annually write and publish text-books and scholarly papers which are widely used in the teaching process both at BSEU and other universities of Belarus and CIS countries. The School publishes the newspaper “Yurist” (“Lawyer”) which is the organ for both faculty and students to discuss their professional issues.

Three research labs are operating under the School's aegis: student scholarly-practical lab (renders legal assistance to population), student scholarly-subject lab on economic crime prevention, and student research lab on current challenges in legal regulation of economic activities.

The School is located in a separate building, which enables the faculty to provide high quality training. Students have got computers' database and the Internet at their disposal as well photocopying equipment. There is also a library, a gym and a canteen in the building. Concerts, discos and parties are regular on-campus activities.

The School's cooperation with foreign juridical research centers makes it possible for students to improve their professional knowledge, proficiency in foreign languages and take part in international conferences and seminars, as well as have internships.


At present, the School trains specialists of higher juridical qualification, their major being “Jurisprudence” (specializations “Economic law” and “Legal provision of foreign economic activities”).

Future career

The School's graduates are in demand with government and state agencies, regional and local authorities, and legal departments of companies and institutions of any ownership both in Belarus and abroad.


Address:    65 Rokossovsky, Bld. 8, Office 34 220111 Minsk

Tel.: +375 17 209-79-52 – Dean S. Losev
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+375 17 209-79-62 – Deputy Dean M. Rudovich
+375 17 209-79-49 - Deputy Dean 
+375 17 209-79-63 - methodologist

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