School of International Business Communications

The School was established in 2002 on the basis of several Foreign Languages Departments and the Department of the Russian and Belarusian languages of Belarus State Economic University.

Seven Departments provide training for the School.

They are:

The latter organizes pre-training in Russian for international students.

The new specialty 1-23 01 02, Linguistic provision of intercultural communications (specialization 1-23 01 02-05 02, Communication technologies in business) affords training specialists with excellent knowledge of foreign languages as well as fundamentals of economics. Additionally, the graduates master all modern communication technologies in different fields and are able to put them into practice.

After passing state examinations and defending the diploma thesis, a graduate is awarded a state diploma with major in Linguistic provision of intercultural communication (specialization Communication technologies in business ) and qualification Specialist on Intercultural Communication, Translator Consultant (with two foreign languages indicated).

The School manages language courses that provide a possibility of learning both widely spread European and languages that are in demand though not well represented in the educational market, like Portuguese, Czech, Chinese, Arabic and Japanese. In addition, the courses offer preparation for taking exams for DSH, DELF and DALF certificates.

To train qualified translators, organize students' efficient work, provide them with an experience of practical translation, and improve their translator skills Students' Translation Centre was organized.
The School widely uses new ITs: there are classrooms equipped with multimedia facilities, language laboratories, English, German, French and Spanish classrooms equipped with modern technical, audio and video facilities and materials. To make students' independent study more efficient they have got more than 30 computer labs with Internet access.

Every year the School participates in the National Students' Scientific and Practical Conference “The State Economy of the Republic of Belarus: Problems and Development Prospects”. Within the conference a foreign language section “The World in the XXI century: economic, political and socio cultural aspects” is organized.

The School invites for teaching experienced professors and lecturers from higher educational institutions from Germany, Turkey, the USA, France, China, and other countries. It maintains active contacts with Russian educational establishments: St.-Petersburg State University for Economics and Finance and Moscow State University.

Students are trained both at the state budget expense and on a fee-paying basis.

Admission to the School is on a competitive basis for any form of payment.

In 2008 the School of International Business Communications of the BSEU granted diplomas to its first graduates. More than 50% of the graduates are engaged in the field of economy.



Address:     26 Partizansky Av., building 2,

Tel.:+375 17 209 78 65
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