School of International Business Communications

The faculty, founded in 2002, includes the following departments:

Unique opportunities

The School of International Business Communications means perfect command of foreign languages, translation skills, business technologies and effective communication strategies. This profession is highly demanded in all spheres of modern economy, culture and public life. Do you want to be on trend? Then the School of International Business Communications is your choice!


What kind of specialists we train
The Faculty provides training courses in the specialty "Linguistic Support of Intercultural Communication (Foreign Economic Relations)", the specialization "Communication Technologies in Business" with the qualification "Specialist in Intercultural communication. Translator/Interpreter (specifying the languages of communication)" assigned.

Master's degree

The faculty has been providing in-depth training in Event Marketing, as part of postgraduate studies (Master's course), the unique course programme taught in English since the 2014.  The graduates are awarded with the academic degree "Master of Economics and Management" after the successful completion of training and master's thesis defence >>>

Specialty curriculum

During university studies our students master three foreign languages: English  as their first foreign language (Russian being the first foreign language for foreign students) and  German / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Chinese / Turkish /Persian  as their second or third foreign language. Foreign students can study the Belarusian language as their third foreign language. Moreover, the curriculum suggests studying the basics of the theory of translation as well as developing skills in translation and interpreting; studying economic theory and world economy, international business management, the theory of intercultural communication, psychology of business communication, business culture in international business, the strategies of communicative behaviour. A number of special disciplines ("Country Studies", "Communicative Behaviors Interpretation", "Strategies for Communicative Behaviors in Business", etc.) are also taught in foreign languages for еру 2nd - 5th  year students.

Teaching foreign languages is based on common European standards of foreign language proficiency. "Common European Framework of Reference: Learning, Teaching, Assessment" has been widely used. A cooperation agreement with Cambridge English Assessment at the University of Cambridge was signed.

Such types of the students' practical training at the enterprises involved in foreign economic activities as introductory, translation, pre-graduation and research are provided.
To help  the students to develop and improve their translation skills a translation agency operates.

New information technologies are used widely. There are special classrooms with multimedia teaching tools, language labs, classrooms for studying English, German, French, and Spanish. They are equipped with modern technologies, audio and video. Students can use more than thirty computer labs where they have access to the Internet for self work.
The specialists are trained free of charge or on fee-paying basis following a competitive selection process. The training course is  4.5 years.

Future career

Where our graduates can work
Our graduates are needed most and they work successfully as interpreters, experts and heads of Client Service Departments, Marketing and Sales Departments  in the companies of all the kinds involved in foreign trade and international activities. In addition, our graduates work  in international companies, ministries and government of the Republic of Belarus as well as in financial institutions, banks, foreign economic offices of industrial and commercial enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, logistics, travel and IT companies, PR and mass media agencies.

International and scientific activities

The faculty actively cooperates in educational and scientific activities with the University of Cadiz (Spain), Moscow State University, St. Petersburg State University (Russian Federation), the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (Portugal), Hexi University, Lanzhou University of Finance and Economics (China), the University of Bialystok (Poland), the University of Customs and Finance (Ukraine), etc..
Every year, the Faculty hosts the International Student Scientific and Practical Conference in foreign Languages "The World in the XXI Century: Economic, Political and Sociocultural Aspects"  and the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Actual Vectors of Belarusian-Chinese Trade and Economic Cooperation". The students' best reports are published.  The sub-forum "Intercultural Economic Communication" is run as part of the International Student Scientific and Practical Conference of BSEU "National Economy of the Republic of Belarus: Problems and Prospects of Development".
Our students create interesting projects in the research laboratories "Communicator" and "Lingvoeconomist" that take part in the Volunteer- Communicator Project (language support for foreign participants in socio-economic, cultural and educational events and sports competitions of international level).

Students from China, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Colombia, and Turkey study at the Faculty. We invite the lecturers from the universities of China, Germany, France, Venezuela, Iran, Turkey, and other countries.
The faculty students participate widely  in various projects of academic mobility  which contributes to the integration of the university into the global educational space. At the moment the Agreement between Belarus State Economic University and the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (Portugal) on obtaining a second diploma at the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (Portugal) is in force. It allows the students of the Faculty to complete a two-year study in English on the European bachelor's programme "International Business Management" (on a paid basis).

Due to  the activities of the Confucius Cabinet of the Republican Confucius Institute of Sinology (BSU), the students who study Chinese have an opportunity to compete to get scholarships provided by the Foundation for the Promotion of the Study of the Chinese Language Abroad of the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China to study at Chinese universities.


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