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The Department of Business Management of the Higher School of Management and Business was set up on May 5, 2005 to join efforts of leading scholars in this field in teaching students of a second higher education with majors in Business Administration and the World Economics.

Since 2003 the Chair of the department has been Dr. hab. Sergei V. Lukin who is the author of more than 70 scientific papers, including 2 monographs, 4 workbooks (as co-author or editor).

Today the department faculty comprises 3 Dr. hab. in Economics, 9 associate professors and 3 assistant lecturers. The Scientific and methodological potential of the department aims to develop new learning technologies, new generation of textbooks and workbooks, and training scientific and pedagogical staff. Academic curricula and syllabi are being continuously improved with focus on including innovative issues in the learning process.

The department provides training to:

specialists of second higher education with majors in:

post-graduate students (for doctoral and post-doctoral students in economics) with majors:

post-graduate students (for Master in economics) with major in:

The BSEU scholars have developed and published textbooks and workbooks in major courses: management; economic modeling, methods and models; world economics, etc. The libraries are filled with academic textbooks by foreign authors. The department gets current information from economic journals Economic Issues, Russian Economic Journal, ECO, The World Economy and International Economic Relations, etc.

The department maintains contacts with foreign universities and institutes: the Saint- Petersburg State University , the Angelicum University ( Rome ), the University of St. Thomas ( St. Paul , Minnesota , USA ), the Higher School of Finance and Management in Belostock. The department faculty participate in international conferences to increase the number of contacts with foreign institutions of higher education.

Academic curricula, programs, topics for term papers and graduate theses are approved by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus .

Main scientific areas:

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