The department of Economics of Entrepreneurship and Law


Ph.D., a ssociate p rof. Tamara S. Yatskovskaya

The department was set up in September 2000 within the special faculty “ Consulting Trade Center . Since January 2005 the Chair of the department has been Ph.D., a ssociate p rof. Tamara S. Yatskovskaya.

Dr. hab., p rof. Galina A. Shmarlovskaya was the first Chair of the department (September 2000 – December 2001)

Ph.D., a ssociate p rof. Natalia N. Skriba headed the department from September 2002 to December 2004.

This is a graduating department that provides retraining on the basis of higher education with majors in:



Economics and management of entrepreneurial activities

economist manager

Economics in foreign economic activities


Law studies




International marketing


Crisis management

Manager economist

Business Administration

Manager economist

The staff of the department include 1 professor, 3 associate professors, 1 assistant lecturer, who are well experienced in scientific, pedagogic and practical work. Besides, the most skilled lecturers from BSEU and other institutions of higher learning as well as leading practicing experts from ministries, state agencies and organizations of the country are invited to teach on a part time basis. The total number of department members accounts for 63 teachers, including 15 professors, 37 associate professors, 11 assistant lecturers and instructors.

The department does a lot on the methodological provision of its educational process. The department has compiled curricula in all the subjects taught, made a list of questions for credits and examinations; it has programs and questions for qualification examinations in majors for retraining specialists, whose basic education does not comply with the chosen profile in education (economics or law), it has developed themes for term papers and graduate theses (they are revised annually) which also contain methodological guidelines on how to write them.

The department publishes a lot of materials. Over 2006 the department faculty have published 36 research, scientific and methodological and scientific and practical workbooks.

The department conducts research work. The research project named Problems of Formation of Market Relations in the Republic of Belarus in the Transitional Period has been completed. Currently the department is occupied with the implementation of the project titled Development of Entrepreneurship in the Republic of Belarus.

Together with academic and research work the department carries out ideological and educational activities with students of the retraining department.

The department provides training in the following subjects:

  1. administrative law;
  2. crisis management;
  3. accounting (for specialization Economics and Management of Entrepreneurial Activities );
  4. bank management;
  5. business planning;
  6. currency regulation and exchange rate transactions;
  7. foreign economic activities;
  8. civil process;
  9. civil law;
  10. housing law;
  11. land law;
  12. investment planning;
  13. investment planning in foreign economic activities;
  14. foreign investment;
  15. constitutional law in foreign countries;
  16. constitutional law;
  17. forensic science;
  18. marketing;
  19. international law;
  20. international public law;
  21. international economic organizations and associations;
  22. management;
  23. general theory of law;
  24. organization of production;
  25. organization of investment financing;
  26. specific features of accounting in foreign countries;
  27. social welfare law;
  28. legal regulation of economic activity;
  29. entrepreneurship;
  30. economic forecasting and planning;
  31. family law;
  32. statistics (including the general theory of statistics and socio-economic statistics);
  33. legal and accounting expertise;
  34. labor law;
  35. criminal law;
  36. criminal executive law;
  37. criminal process;
  38. personnel management;
  39. quality management;
  40. financial and banking statistics;
  41. financial law;
  42. economic law;
  43. business process;
  44. pricing;
  45. economics and managements of foreign economic activity;
  46. economics of organization;
  47. ecological law;
  48. legal ethics.


Address:7 Sverdlova St., Rooms 407, 408

Tel.:+375 17 209-79-29 – Chair of department;
+375 17 209-79-36 -   department secretary

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