The Department of Philosophy

Chair of the department:

Dr., Associate Prof. Viktor Puzikov

The department was estagblished in 1960 as a separate unit. It was headed by Dr., Associate Prof. Viktor Puzikov, Since 1996, the deparmtne head has been Dr. hab., Prof. Vladimir Lukashevich.

The department faculty include 3 Drs. hab., professors and 11 Ph.Ds., of which 7 hold the title of an associate professor. The faculty with advanced degrees of Dr. hab. and Ph.D. make 70% of the total number: Drs. hab. -15%, Ph.Ds. – 55%.

The department provides teaching a cycle of the humainities courses:

- for undergraduate students :

for MA students whose major is “Philosophy”:

for MA and Ph.D. students of all majors the course “Philosophy and methodology of science” is taught (120 hrs). The department's faculty members are examiners at the Ph.D. examination for Ph.D. and MA students as well as for those pursuing an advanced degree.

The department's directions of scholarly research:

The productive scholarly activities at the department are carried out by the representatives of the Minsk school of methodology of science established by the full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences V.S. Stepin – V. Lukashevich and Y. Yaskevich, whose works on the issues of structure and substantiation of scholarly method and argumentation in science have been recognized in scholarly circles of the Republic of Belarus, as well as near and far abroad. The Department maintains intensive international scholarly contacts with the agencies of the Academy of Sciences and universities of Russia , Ukraine , Armenia , Latvia , Germany , Poland , the Netherlands , and other countries.

Over the recent years, the department has conducted research on the subject “Social-economic democratic orientations of the primary participants and organizers of production (state registration No. 20022362), which was included in the State program of fundamental research for the period of 2002-2005 “The development of philosophical-outlook and social-cultural fundamentals of the Belarusian society.” Based on the results of the research, there were developed recommendations on improving the work on information for the Minsk Ball-Bearing Works and “Belkommunmash” open joint stock company, where poll was conducted; published were the materials used for teaching the disciplines of the social-economic profile.

At present, there is conducted research on “The philosophical-methodological, spiritual-moral and ideological fundamentals of innovation development of the Belarusian society” (state registration No. 20065780), included in the state research “Theoretical-methodological foundations of socially-oriented economy of the Republic of Belarus ”.

As a result of the research, there was developed an original method of innovation processes research based on ideas of the key types of rationality and a group of basic concepts providing an opportunity to analyze in detail the mechanisms of spiritual-moral factors of innovation development of modern Belarusian society, the degree of positive importance of innovations and the reasons for their negative effects.

There was introduced a practice oriented methodological concept, according to which innovations scenarios are to be based on the values of the social community where they are carried out and its global dimensions are acceptable to the extent that they express the actual characteristics of the general (world human community and its habitat), not their imitation on the basis of social-group and regional interests.

The concept in question is oriented at the search of specific for each social community scenario of innovation community based on its natural, spiritual and economic resources without turning this work into following the Western or Oriental patterns. In the Republic of Belarus , the regulatives of such search are the principles of the Belarusian model of social-economic development.

The main teaching publications authored by the departments' faculty:


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