Department of political science

Chair of the department:

Nikolai Y. Veremeev
PhD in Philosophical sciences, Associate professor

The department of political science was established in 1990. In April 2005 it became a part of the Institute of Social Science and Humanities Education (ISSHE) – a structural unit of BSEU. It became a degree-granting department in the major "Political science" (specialization "Political management"). Since August 2016 Associate Prof. Nikolai Y. Veremeev, Ph.D. is heading the department.

The department faculty includes:

Since the foundation of the department the faculty has been working on creating a new demanded major. As of now 32 special courses were developed and introduced into the learning process by the department's staff members.

The department carries out the preparation of the bachelors, masters and postgraduates. Teaching staff constantly improves the practice of the students' research work, the methods of organizing their practical training as well expanding the contacts with the potential employers and offering a wider selection of internships.

As of now the department provides its services to all university's schools. The faculty gives lectures on the following disciplines:

In 2009-2010 the department carried out the first enrollment of students in the "Political science" major (specialization "Political management"). The first graduation in the said major took place in 2014.

As part of the bachelors' preparation in the "Political management" specialization the following courses are read:

For the masters in the "Political science" major:

For the self-preparation of students in these disciplines, the faculty members of the department developed and published a number of textbooks and manuals, as well as monographs.

The department of political science also carries out postgraduate work in the following research programs:

Dissertational research in political science is now carried out by 5 postgraduate students and 1 aspirant.

In the past years the department has conducted scientific research on:

The research of the processes that are taking place in the political system of Belarus under its sovereign status – one the most important directions in the development of domestic political science. The goal was to study the processes of political system's reformation during the transition period, the search for the optimal ways and means of transforming the most important spheres of the political life in a transformational society. The authors considered a number of theoretical questions of the study of the political system (the definition of the content of the basic concepts, its typology, etc.), the structural characteristics of the political system, the changes in its most important components in the transformation period (state bodies, political elites and parties, public organizations in the post-Soviet space, political culture and mass consciousness of the citizens of the Belarusian society).

Currently the faculty staff is carrying out the scientific research on the political processes and institutions in the Republic of Belarus and the modern world.


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