Department of Political Science

Chair of the department:

Buyeva Nastassia O.
PhD in Political sciences

The Department of Political Science at the Belarusian State Economic University was established in 1990 as part of the Faculty of International Economic Relations. In April 2005, it became part of the Institute of Social and Humanitarian Education, a structural unit of the Belarusian State Economic University.


Undergraduate Degree

 The department offers a Bachelor's degree program in Political Science with a specialization in Political Management, leading to the qualification of "Political Scientist."



 Currently, the Department of Political Science provides instruction on the following courses to all faculties of the Belarusian State Economic University:

 To prepare students for the specialization of Political Science, the faculty members of the department offer courses on the following subjects:

Introduction to Political Theory; Foreign Policy of the Republic of Belarus; Local Governance in the Political System of Society; Local Governance in the Republic of Belarus and Foreign Countries; Methodology for Preparing Educational and Qualification Works (optional course); Methodology of Political Science; Public Policy; Organization of Electoral Campaigns; Organization of Government Work; Political Culture; Political Psychology; Political Ideologies; Political Management, Marketing and Advertising; Political Parties and Interest Groups; Political Analysis and Forecasting; System of Governance in the Republic of Belarus; Social Technologies in Politics; Comparative Politics; Comparative Political Science; Theory of State Governance; Political Theory; Theory of Decision-Making in Politics; Managing Migration Processes in the Conditions of Globalization; Ethnopolitical Science.

 The department is currently preparing specialists, master's and postgraduate students. The first enrollment of students for the specialty "Political Science" (specialization: "Political Management") took place in 2009. The first graduation was held in 2014.

Training of specialists (political scientists, researchers, applied analysts) is carried out on the basis of the state educational standard, modern educational programs, as well as taking into account the interaction of the department with leading domestic and foreign experts in the field of practical political science.

To date, the department's staff has developed and introduced into the educational process more than 35 copyright educational courses.

 The teaching and research practice of students is constantly being improved by the faculty of the department, practical bases are being expanded, and contacts with potential employers are being developed. In 2017, a branch of the department was opened on the basis of the NGO "Belarusian Society of Friendship and Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries".

 The department has a master's program in the specialty "Political Science", with a specialization in "Economic Political Science: Analysis and Forecasting of Political Processes". Training in the master's program is carried out both full-time and part-time.

 The department is preparing highly qualified scientific personnel in the following areas: 23.00.01 - theory and philosophy of politics, history and methodology of political science. 23.00.02 - political institutions, processes and technologies. 23.00.04 - political problems of international relations, global and regional development.

Research work

Currently, the research work of the department focuses on analyzing the relevant political and socio-economic processes in the Republic of Belarus, as well as studying the integration processes in the Eurasian region.

Over the past years, the department staff have conducted scientific research on such topics as "Problems of the development of the political system in the transformation period," "Political modernization in the Republic of Belarus: traditions and innovations," "Political science on the trajectories of development of the state, business, and civil society," and "Public-private partnership: analysis of domestic and foreign experience."

The authors have considered a number of theoretical questions related to the study of the political system (definition of the content of basic concepts, its typology, etc.), provided a structural characteristic of the political system, and examined changes in its most important components during the transformation period (government bodies, political elites and parties, public organizations in the post-Soviet space, political culture, and mass consciousness of Belarusian society). To prepare students for the disciplines assigned to the department, author teams have developed and published a number of textbooks, manuals, and monographs.


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