Department of economic theory

Chair of the department:

Dr. hab. Yuri Bokhan

The department of economic theory was established by the decision of BSEU Council of October 29, 1991 on the basis of the former department of political history.

Since September 1, 2004 the Dr. hab. Yuri Bokhan has been the department head.

The department of economic history was formed in 1968. Associate Prof. Trotsevskaya originally headed six faculty members, but shortly after that she was replaced by corresponding member of the BSSR Academy of Sciences Professor K. Shabulya who had been teaching there part-time. In the period of 1970-1979, the department was headed by Dr. hab., Prof. V. Gnevko and Associate Prof. B. Nikonovich. From 1985, the department head was Associate Prof. V. Golubovich.

There are 20 full time faculty at the department now, of which 4 hold a Dr. hab. Degree (dept. head Y. Bokhan, Professors N. Poletayeva, N. Stashkevich, Z. Shibeko); 1 PhD, Professor (V. Golubovich); 10 PhDs, Associate Professors (G. Bushchik, T. Voronich, I. Gvardeyev, Y. Gruzitski, A. Yeroshevich, T. Povalikhina, V. Podolinski, A. Samusik, A. Sasim, G. Shapoval); 5 assistant lecturers (G. Aleksashina, F. Gorbachev, T. Polikovskaya, I. Satsukevich, D. Cherkasov).

The department provides the teaching of the humanities courses :

  1. World history
  2. History of Belarus
  3. Economic history
  4. History of world economics and international economic relations
  5. History of tourism
  6. Monuments of history and culture

The faculty members are involved in research of various aspects of economic history of Belarus and other countries, encouraging the university students to start scholarly research. Over 90 students are now taking part in various forms of research, some of them being laureates of research competitions, including those of the national level.

The department has god traditional contacts with the Institute of History of the Belarus National Academy of Sciences and universities of the Russian Federation and Ukraine . The department's faculty jointly with their colleagues from scholarly centers are working on publications on the history of Belarus and make presentations at numerous scholarly conferences.

The department's main directions of scholarly research are as follows:

The department's faculty members have prepared and published the following monographs and text-books:

A number of the faculty are working on Dr. hab. and PhD. dissertations on the history of the merchant class in Belarus, history of international economic relations in Belarus, living standards of Belarus' workers in the pre-revolutionary period, history of Burgundy, and English liberalism.


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