Department of economic sociology

Chair of the department:

Dr. Senior research associate (Associate Prof.) V. Kochergin

The department head is Dr. Senior research associate (Associate Prof.) V. Kochergin.

The department of economic sociology is a graduating one (major 1-23 01 05 “Sociology”, specialization 1-23 05 06 “Economic sociology”.

The department was established in line with the BSEU rector's order No. 162 of March 1, 2007 on basis of the BSEU Council's decision of February 27, 2007.

The department's faculty inlcude:

The departments faculty are as follows::

  1. Dr., Associate Prof. Vyacheslav Kochergin
  2. Dr. hab., Prof . Valentina Simkhovich
  3. Dr. hab., Prof . Albert Yelsukov
  4. Dr., Associate Prof. Ludmila Podgaiskaya
  5. Dr ., Associate Prof. Sergei Zen
  6. Dr., Associate Prof. Anna Pervachuk
  7. Dr., assistant lecturer Olga Yanchuk
  8. Assistant lecturer Olga Malinovskaya
  9. Dr., Associate Prof. Zoya Punchik
  10. Dr., assistant lecturer Yuri Aleksandrenkov

The department provides the teaching of the disciplines “Sociology” and “Economic sociology”.

The department's faculty have published a number of text-books and manuals on the courses taught:


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