The department of pedagogy and psychology

Chair of the department:

Galina Borozdina, PhD., an associate professor

The department head id Galina Borozdina, PhD., an associate professor.

As a university unit, the department was established in 2001 and has been part of ISLE since March 12, 2007. The goal of the deaprtment's activities is ethical and psychological-pedagogical training of specialists in the field of economics.

There are 25 lecturers at the department, of which 13 teach full time, with 8 of them holding a PhD. degree (66,6 % of the faculty hold advanced degrees).

The department provides the teaching of the humanities cycle courses:

  1. Ethics (34 hrs )
  2. Fundamentals of psychology and pedagogy (68 hrs)
  3. Psychology of gender relationships (special course) (24 hrs)
  4. Psychology for professions (60 hrs )
  5. Higher school pedagogy (70 hrs)
  6. Conflictology (36 hrs )
  7. Methodology of teaching economics related disciplines (48 hrs)
  8. Economic psychology (48 hrs )
  9. Psychology and pedagogy of higher school (34 hrs)

The main directions of the department's scholarly research:

The department's scholarly theme: “Ways of increasing effectiveness of training economics related specialists in conditions of continuous education” (budgetary financing).

The main directions of students' scholarly research:

The main methodological and teaching materials published by the department's faculty:


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