The Department of World Economics

Chair of the Department:

Aliaksandr Yanchuk
PhD in Economics,
Associate Professor

The Department of World Economy was established in September 2001. It succeeded the Department of International Economic Relations, which was set up back in 1991.


The Department of World Economy manages a number of undergraduate and graduate programs:

- Undergraduate Program 1-25 01 03 "World Economy" with the following specializations:
1-25 01 03 01 "Management of Foreign Economic Activity",
1-25 01 03 05 "International investment"

- Graduate Programs:
1-25 80 02 World economy
Master's Program in International Economics and Commercial Diplomacy

Educational activities


Courses taught to undergraduate students:

In 2019, the department introduced a new Master Degree Program - "International Economics and Commercial Diplomacy". The program is delivered in two language options - Russian or English.  It provides intensive training in fundamental economics and applied analytics. This mix is critical for a new generation of specialists involved in international economic relations and commercial diplomacy.

Courses taught to Master's Program in International Economics and Commercial Diplomacy (in Russian and English)

The Department of World Economy is one of the leading departments of the university.  It is a regular winner of the University's Annual Competition in different nominations.

Research work

Faculty Research Areas:

Aliaksandr Yanchuk

State regulation of foreign trade. Foreign trade policy modeling.

Abdulla Ahmed

International labor migration. Economic cooperation of the Republic of Belarus and Arab countries.

Olga Borisik

The policy of import substitution in small open economies.

Yuliya Vashkevich

Trade policy. Cluster policy. International trade in value added.

Alexander Vaitsiakhovich

Currency Integration

Alena Garashchenko

Tariff regulation of foreign trade

Yahor  Herasimau

Problems of globalization, development and dynamics of the intellectual resource market, competitiveness of higher educational institutions in the context of the knowledge economy.

Alena Martsinovich

International interfirm cooperation

Karen Muradyan

International competition

Vera Ozhigina

International Economic Integration. Economic regionalization and globalization. Foreign trade and integration policies of countries and integration associations. Socially oriented and innovative economy.

Alena Petrushkevich

Foreign direct investments. FDI policy and investment climate. Development of countries with transition economies.

Alla Pranevich

International competition. Competition policy. Competitiveness. Institutional approach.

Galina Sanko

Monopoly and competition. Antitrust regulation. Demonopolization of the economy. International corporations. Financial and industrial groups. Strategic alliances. International competition. Transnationalization of production and capital. Internationalization of production.

Iryna Shamardzina

International tourism

Aksana Shkutsko

Intellectual property. Property of TNCs. Financial and industrial groups. Economic globalization. World services market.

Members of the faculty received training and underwent internships at leading universities and institutions in Austria, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, USA.

Department members regularly take part in international scientific conferences, symposia, congresses, seminars and round tables in various countries. They actively publish articles in scientific journals both at home and abroad.
The department works in close collaboration with a number of foreign academic institutions and research centers, including the UNCTAD Virtual Institute (Geneva, Switzerland), the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (Chişinău, Moldova), The Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (Moscow, Russia), Azerbaijan State University of Economics (Baku, Azerbaijan), Ural State University of Economics (Ekaterinburg, Russia).



Address:  26 Partizansky Av., building 3,
office 229

Tel.:+375 17 209 88 39

Fax:+375 17 209 88 39



Staff of the department

Aliaksandr Yanchuk, PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
Abdulla Ahmed, PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
Olga Borisik, PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
Yuliya Vashkevich, Assistant,
Alyaksandr Vaitsiakhovich, Assistant
Alena Garashchenko, Assistant
Yahor Herasimau, PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
Alena Martsinovich, Assistant
Karen Muradyan, Assistant
Vera Ozhigina, Department Chair, PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
Alena Petrushkevich, PhD (Economics), Associate Professor
Alla Pranevich, Dr.Hab. (Economics), Professor
Galina Sanko, Dr.Hab. (Economics), Professor
Iryna Shamardzina, PhD (Economics), Associate Professor of the Department
Aksana Shkutsko, PhD (Economics), Associate Professor