The Department of World Economics

Chair of the Department:

Dr. hab.
Alla A. Pranevich

The Chair of the Department of World Economics is Dr. hab. Alla A. Pranevich.

Iin 1991, there was established the Department of International Economic Relations (IER) at BSEU.

It was the first time that training of international economists majoring in management of foreign economic activities (full-time and part-time students) started in Belarus . The Department of World Economics was established on September 28, 2001 as a result of reorganization of the d epartment of i nternational e conomic r elations by the r ector's order ¹557-A of 28.09.2001.

The Department of World Economics is graduating in specialty 1-25 01 03, World Economics, with specializations 1-25 01 03 01, Economics and management of international economic relations, 1-25 01 03 05, International investment, International economic cooperation.

The department disposes of all the required documentation regulating its activities under the Statute of a department in higher educational institutions approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus on 22.03.1994. The department provides the teaching process in accordance with the standard of the specialty and basic curriculum.

In 2003, the basic curriculum of the specialty World economics with majors in Management of international economic relations and International investments was corrected and approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus .

The Department faculty includes 14 full-time members, including:

Professors Galina A. Shmarlovskaya, Galina G. Sanko;

Associate professors S. Mazol, Alena Petrushkevich, Oksana Shkutko, Irina Zhuk, Ahmed Abdulla, T. Karachentseva, A. Pranevich, V. Ozhigina;

a ssistance lecturers M. Bondar, Ekaterina Lisitsa, Y. Garaschenko, A. Kozhushko, A. Breivo. The faculty members with academic degrees comprise 64%.

The department's main directions of scholarly research:

I. Extra-curriculum research activities

Since 2006 the d epartment's research theme has been “Conceptual basics of shaping foreign investment policy of the Republic of Belarus ” (scientific supervisor Dr. hab., Prof. Galina Shmarlovskaya). The entire department faculty are engaged in the research.

II. Research within the state-financed program

“Elaborating conceptual basics for the development of exporting competitive services in the Republic of Belarus” (2006-2010) ¹ GR 2006 2083 is carried out within the state-financed program “Theoretical and methodological basics for establishing innovative socially oriented economy in the Republic of Belarus providing its sustainable development in interaction with the world economic system” (scientific adviser Dr. hab., Prof. Galina Shmarlovskaya).

III. Research carried out under economic contracts

Research theme ÍÈÐ ÌÇÈÂ ¹ 232 of 30.03.2007, “Development of strategies for penetrating into the foreign market and expanding the enterprise's share in it” (scientific adviser Associate Prof. Irina Zhuk).

IV. Research sponsored by the Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research

“Establishing security systems for the common market of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation in the context of multilateral regulation of international commerce” (2007-2009), ÃÎ 7 Ì -090, 11 200 000, (scientific adviser Associate Prof. V. Ozhigina).

V. Student groups

The department members are active organizers of students' research work; Every year two or three student groups carry out their own research under the faculty's supervision.

Supervisor's name

Theme of scientific research

Dr. hab., Prof. Galina Shmarlovskaya Issues of world economics, macro-economical stabilization, national and international regulation including tariff, tax regulation of investment processes, trade; functioning of TNC.
Dr. hab., Prof. Galina Sanko Monopoly and competition. Antitrust regulation. De-monopolization of economy. International corporations. Finance and industrial groups (FIG). Strategic alliances. International competition. Trans-nationalization of capital. Internationalization of production in the Republic of Belarus in the system of world economic relations of TNC and MNC.
PhD, Associate Prof. Alena Petrushkevich Investments and economic growth. Foreign investments. International investment activities. Policy of attracting foreign investments. Policy of assisting enterprises in investing abroad.
PhD, Associate Prof. S. Mazol Investment analysis; activities of international corporations; international inter-company cooperation; organization of inter-company trade of TNC; financial and industrial integration
PhD, Associate Prof. Oksana Shkutko Intellectual property; property of TNC, FIG; globalization of economy; world market of services; post-industrial development.
PhD, Associate Prof. Irina Zhuk Currency relations and currency policy. Balance of payments. International finance and currency and credit organisations.
PhD, Associate Prof. V. Ozhigina Regional economic integration of capital, services and production markets.
PhD, Associate Prof. T. Karachentseva Capital flow.
PhD, Associate Prof. A. Pranevich Competition policy, institutional approach.
PhD, Associate Prof. Ahmed Abdulla Economic cooperation of the Republic of Belarus with the Arab world.
Assistance lecturer Y. Garaschenko Foreign trade activities, interstate regulation.
Assistance lecturer M. Bondar International migration of labor resources, intellectual migration.
Assistance lecturer Ekaterina Lisitsa Natural monopoly. Monopoly and competition.
Assistance lecturer A. Breivo Activities of international corporations; Foreign investments
Assistance lecturer A. Kozhushko K. International migration of labor force

The department faculty deliver lectures at the s chool of i nternational e conomic r elations in the following disciplines:

International Cooperation

Every year the department faculty takes part in international theoretical and practical conferences, symposia, congresses in different countries; they publishes articles, scientific reports, theses in scientific journals of foreign universities and other scientific centres.

The principal forms of the Department's cooperation with the Foreign Economic Activities Directorate of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, the r esearch i nstitute of Economics of the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Belarus, the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus are top managers lecturing at the School and participating in the State Examination Board.

The Department has established contacts with higher educational institutions of the Republic of Poland (World e conomics c enter of Warsaw e conomic s chool, John Paul II c atholic u niversity in Lublin), Ukraine (the School of e conomics of the European e conomic and e ducational c onsortium), Moldova (the National Academy of e conomics), the Russian Federation (Moscow State Academy of Instrument Engineering and Information Science) and the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakh n ational t echnical u niversity).

The faculty visit training courses in Austria (Joint Vienna Institute), China (Central University of e conomics and f inance, r esearch c enter under the p eople's a ssembly), Poland ( Katowice Economic u niversity , Warsaw e conomic s chool ) and France ( Lyons University ).


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