Marketin Departmentg

Chair of the Department:

Golik Vadim Sergeevich
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

The marketing department was established in May 1994. The department made a great contribution to the development of educational, methodological and staffing support for the new in the Republic of Belarus specialty "Marketing".

The founder of Belarusian marketing, Doctor of Economics, Professor Ivan Lyudvigovich Akulich, headed the marketing department from 1994 to January 5, 2021.

The department's staff is constantly expanding, its qualitative structure is changing due to postgraduate and doctoral students training on its own scientific base. The department has close contacts with leading universities from both the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries.

The marketing department has 18 full-time teachers. Of these: 2 doctors of economic sciences / professors, 8 candidates of economic sciences / associate professors, 1 candidate of agricultural sciences / associate professor, 1 candidate of technical sciences / associate professor, 6 assistants.

The marketing department trains specialists in the specialty 1-26 02 03 "Marketing" and in the specialization 1-26 02 03 05 "International Marketing".

Students can participate in the training program awarding double diplomas: a diploma of higher education in the specialty "Marketing" with the qualification "marketer-economist" at the EI BSEU and a bachelor's degree in "Enterprise Economics" from the Mittweida Higher School (the Federal Republic of Germany).

Disciplines of the department of the 1st stage of higher education:

There is a practice-oriented magistracy (profiling "Marketing in Business" and "International Marketing" (in Russian and in English)) at the department in the specialty 1-26 80 05 "Marketing".

Disciplines of the department of the II-nd stage of higher education:

  • For undergraduates of the master's program "International Marketing" there is the possibility of obtaining a double diploma from the EI BSEU and the Baltic International Academy (Latvia) with the assignment of a Master's Degree.

    The main research areas of the department are:

    • Marketing;
    • Relationship marketing;
    • International marketing;
    • Marketing communications;
    • Marketing management;
    • Marketing of services.

    The team of the marketing department carries out research topics.

    The department of marketing develops mutual cooperation with universities of foreign countries: Baltic International Academy (the Republic of Latvia), Mittweida University of Applied Sciences (the Federal Republic of Germany), Henan University of Science and Technology (the People's Republic of China), New Higher Educational Institution (Georgia).

    The department pays great attention to the training of postgraduate students, applicants and doctoral students.

    Under the supervision of V.S. Golik, head of the marketing department, a collection of scientific works "Management and Marketing: Experience and Problems" is published.

  • Contacts

    Address: 26 Partizansky Aprosp., Room 807, Bldg 1

    Tel.:+375 17 209 88 67

    Fax:+375 17 209 88 67




    I stage of education

    • Product management
    • Marketing management
    • Customer experience management
    • Quality control
    • Commodity policy
    • Marketing theory
    • Strategic marketing
    • Industrial marketing
    • Applied marketing
    • Consumer behavior in foreign markets
    • Consumer behavior
    • Intercultural communications
    • International marketing in industries and areas of activity
    • International marketing
    • Marketing of financial and banking services
    • Marketing of services
    • Marketing of non-profit organizations
    • Marketing in e-business
    • Marketing in trade
    • Marketing in industry
    • Marketing in the bank
    • Marketing
    • Research of commodity markets
    • Internet marketing

    II stage of education

    • Intelligent data analysis in marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • Marketing and society
    • Marketing analytics
    • Global Marketing
    • Relationship Marketing
    • Theory and practice of merchandising
    • Competitive strategies
    • Competitive strategies in the external market
    • Cross-cultural marketing communications
    • Branding in the external market
    • Brand management
    • Controlling
    • Marketing management
    • International marketing management
    • Marketing of non-profit organizations
    • Direct marketing
    • Marketing in industries and areas of activity