The Department of civil Law

Chair of the Department:

PhD, Associate Prof. Tatiana S. Taranova

The Chair of the Department is PhD, Associate Prof. Tatiana S. Taranova. She has over 80 research and methodological publications in the field of civil procedure and law, some of them published in the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Latvian Republic, and Azerbaijan. She is the author of the monograph “Evidence and substantiation in civil proceedings” ( Minsk , BSEU, 2005) and two courses of lectures: “The civil procedure. General part” (2005) and “The civil procedure. Special part” (2005).

The department of civil law was established on January 1, 2004 in line with the University Council decision (rec. No. 4 of 25.12.2003) by the Rector's order of December 2, 2003 after the department of civil law and international law was divided. i t trains students in major 1–24 01 02, Jurisprudence (specializations: 1–24 01 02 02, Economic law; 1–24 01 02 08, Legal provision of international economic activities. The department is graduating for specialty 1–24 01 02 02, Economic law.

At present, the department comprises 17 faculty members including 1 professor, Dr. hab., 10 associate professors with a PhD degree, and 4 assistant lecturers.

The department's faculty provide teaching following major and specialized disciplines:

A doctoral program for the major Legal law; entrepreneurial law; family law; international private law is in place. In 2007 there was launched a master's program for major 1-25 80 01, Jurisprudence.

The main teaching publications authored by the department's faculty:



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