DEPATMENT of Professionally Oriented English Speech

Chair of the department:

PhD, Associate Prof. Nonna A. Novik

The Chair of the department is PhD, Associate Prof. Nonna A. Novik.

The department was established through reorganization of the Department No.3 of Foreign Language in December 2003.

The Department faculty comprises 43 members: 23 instructors, 17 senior instructors and 3 associate professors with PhD degrees.

The faculty members of the Department teach at the following schools: the School of Finance and Banking, the School of Commerce Economics and Management, the School of Law , the Higher School of Tourism and the Higher School of Management and Business (for part-time students).

The department provide classes on the following disciplines:

In teaching English the d epartment is aiming at developing professional communicative competence of students to enable them their foreign speech activities appropriate to a particular situation of professionally oriented cross-cultural communication.

The communicative competence level sufficient for a future specialist presupposes knowledge of both a foreign language and necessary communicative skills (knowledge of different types of speech activity based on the vocabulary for professional purposes (economics, banking, customs, tourism, hotel and restaurant business and management, commercial activity etc.)) socio-cultural and sociolinguistic peculiarities of the country which may be vital for efficient professional activities in terms of cross-cultural cooperation. The faculty, therefore, use authentic audio and video materials, Belarusian and foreign study guides and manuals, educational and testing computer programs. Among them one can find manuals, paper and electronic study guides authored by the department teaching staff.

At present, directed by PhD, Associate Prof. Nonna Novik, the faculty members carry out research work on the scholarly and research theme: “Communicative strategies in professionally oriented language teaching”. They are finishing up the 2 nd phase theme: “Defining up-to-date professional competences shaping in studying a foreign language at higher educational establishments”.

The teaching staff carry out research works on Linguistics, Pedagogics and methods of language teaching. The aim is to improve the language teaching process itself and its methods. As a result, a number of manuals and study guides on the English language for university students have been published. The Department faculty regularly present the results of their scientific and research work at scientific and practical conferences and published reports and articles both in Belarus and abroad.

To study, analyze and implement the best practices in teaching methods the faculty members take courses of advanced training and professional development at the leading higher educational establishments of Belarus. Seven of them are now part-time doctoral students.

The department maintains regular contacts with other Belarusian higher educational establishments, i.e. foreign language departments of the Belarusian Technological University , M. Tank Minsk State Pedagogical University, Belarusian State University (BSU) and Brest State University, as well as the English Language Department for Economic Specialties of the School of International Relations (BSU) and the English Language School of the Minsk State Linguistic University.

The students also participate in scientific and research work. The department professors and teachers train and prepare them for annual scientific and practical conferences in foreign languages on economic, social and social and political issues. The best scientific papers are published in the Students' Collected Works.

Manuals and study guides authored by the department faculty:

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Address:7 Sverdlova str., Bldg 5, room 312

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