The Department of English and Oriental Languages

Chair of the department:

PhD, Associate Prof.Elena A. Malashenko

The department was established in 2003 on the basis of the Department of Foreign Languages No. 2.
At present, there are over 25 faculty members who teach a number of subjects to students of the Schools of Marketing and Logistics, Management, Accounting, International Economic Relations and International Business Communications, Institute of Social Science and Humanities, as well as to Master's course students.

International Activities

Arranging teaching of oriental languages (Chinese, Turkish and Persian) at the University has recently become a significant new direction in Department's academic activities. Chinese is taught as a Second Foreign Language to the students of the Schools of International Business Communications and of International Economic Relations, while Persian and Turkish are offered as a Third Foreign Language to the students of International Business Communications. These languages are taught by professionals invited from the People's Republic of China, the Republic of Turkey and Islamic Republic of Iran under agreements with the Embassies of the corresponding countries in the Republic of Belarus.
In 2013, the department took an active part in the establishing at BSEU the Confucius Classroom that operates under the auspices of the Republican Confucius Institute of Sinology of Belarusian State University.
Within the framework of the Confucius Classroom the following activities are carried out:

The Chinese classes take place in room 303/2 equipped with contemporary information technology acquired due to financial support of Hanban.

A notable event, held in compliance with the Confucius Classroom activities in 2016 was the international research conference "Eurasia: Cross-cultural Interaction in Economic and Educational Space" in which university instructors, scholars, young researchers from the Universities of the Republic of Belarus, People's Republic of China, as well as the National Academy of Sciences took part.

The Department is planning new projects in compliance with the Confucius Classroom activities in 2017-18: a round-table "Worldview from the perspective of Chinese and Belarusian cultures" new conference is going to be held in November 2017 and exhibition of creative works "China and Belarus through students' eyes".

Scientific Research Work

The faculty members carry out scientific research in the fields of Linguistics, Pedagogics and Methods of Foreign Language Teaching aimed at enhancing the quality of teaching and improving the methodological support of the teaching process.
In 2015, the department completed carrying out scholarly research of the second half of the teachers' working day within the framework of the topic "Linguistic Analysis of Business and Economic Discourse as a Basis for Improving Foreign Language Teaching at the University of Economics". Currently the research is carried out on the subject "Optimization of Teaching Professional Communication in a Foreign Language under Conditions of Information and Educational Environment of the Institution of Higher Education."

The practical output of this work is published research articles, presenting papers at scientific conferences, teaching manuals and study guides on the subjects taught.
Most significant manuals and study guides authored by the department teaching staff include:

Annually a prominent event in the Department's activities is participation in the students' scientific conference held in foreign languages by the School of International Business Communications under the headline "The World in the 21st Century: Economic, Political and Socio-Cultural Issues". The students present their research findings on the subjects related to their future profession, economic issues of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries, as well as urgent social and political issues.

A new tradition - the English Language Project Contest under the title "Promoting National Values" has evolved which is organized as a part of the Ten-day Linguistic Festival of the School of International Business Communications. During this event, the first-year students have an opportunity to try their hand in doing research and presenting their projects in English dedicated to various aspects of Belarusian culture.
The Department's stuff pay a lot of attention to preparation of out-of-class theatrical events in foreign languages taught, dedicated to cultural traditions of various countries. It allows the students both to develop their foreign language skills and to reveal their artistic aptitudes. Besides, it enhances students' cross-cultural awareness and emphasizes the uniqueness of the Belarusian national culture.
Since 2014, under the guidance of E.A. Malashenko, Assistant Professor, the BSEU students and Department's instructors have been participating in the international online project "Culture for Mutual Understanding" in cooperation with colleagues from CIS countries (Moscow State University, Kazakhstan, Dagestan, Azerbaijan and others. This project involves running call-in shows with students making their presentations and revealing the peculiarities of their national culture.



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