Department of Intercultural Economic Communication

Chair of the department:

Irina Kovalevskaya
Ph.D. (philology),
Associate Professor

The faculty members of the Department – 18 (15 regular staff, 3 part-timers): Professors – 1,  PhDs – 10, Head Teachers – 4, Teachers – 1, Teacher Trainees– 2.

The Department trains students for majors:
1) 1-23 01 02 Linguistic Provision of Intercultural Communications (Bachelor's degree):

The list of the disciplines taught by the faculty members of the Department comprises 33:
1.Introduction to Communications Theory
2. Introduction to Linguistics
3. Interpretation of Communicative Behavior
4. Communicative Grammar – First Foreign Language
5. Communicative Technologies
6. Cultural Context of Professional Communication
7. Basics of Creative Writing and Editing
8. Basics of Language Theory
9. Translation First Foreign Language
10. Pragmatic Aspects of Translation (optional)
11. Practicum on Culture of Speech Communication First Foreign Language
12. Practicum on Culture of Speech Communication Second Foreign Language
13. Practicum on Intercultural Communication
14. Practical Translation Course First Foreign Language
15. Practical Translation Course Second Foreign Language
16. Practical Course of Profession Oriented Language First Foreign Language
17. Practical Course of Profession Oriented Language Second Foreign Language
18. Professional Code of Conduct for Interpreters (optional)
19. Summarized Translation First Foreign Language
20. Public Relations
21. Semantics
22. Semiotics of Culture
23. Syntactics
24. Simultaneous Interpreting First Foreign Language
25. Interpreter's Shorthand Writing (optional)
26. Modern Translation and Interpreting Technologies
27. Sociolinguistics
28. Stylistics
29. Strategies of Communication Behavior
30. Theory and Practice of Text Transcoding Second Foreign Language
31. Translation Theory
32. Interpreting First Foreign Language
33. Advertising Language

2) 1-26 80 05 Marketing (Event Marketing in English) (Master's degree).

The faculty members of the Department hold lectures and seminars on Communicative Design, Project Management, Business Protocol and Communication: Case Studies and Analysis, International Communication, Services in Event Marketing, Specifics of Marketing in Particular Areas, Basics of Event Marketing, Event Marketing, Pedagogy and Psychology of Higher Education. The

Department has developed a new Curriculum and teaching materials for such major as Communication in Area of Foreign Economic Activities.

The faculty members of the Department carry out scientific research activities in the field of linguistics, pedagogy of higher school and methods of teaching foreign languages aimed at higher quality of education and better methodological support.
The faculty members of the Department carry out research on "Development of Integrative Model of FIBC Students' Professional Competencies and Its Introduction into Educational Process". As a result of the faculty members's research activities scientific papers, conference reports as well as textbooks and teaching materials are published. Listed below are the main textbooks:

  1. Ковалевская, И.И. Лексические и грамматические проблемы перевода = Lexical and Grammatical Translation Problems : учебно-методическое пособие на английском языке / И. И. Ковалевская, И. В. Кратёнок. – Минск : БГЭУ. – 2020. – 144 с.
  2. Ковалевская,  И. И. Теория перевода : курс лекций / И. И. Ковалевская. – Минск : БГЭУ, 2013. – 101, [1] с.
  3. Курганова, Н.И. Французский язык. Практический курс перевода (французский – русский) / Cours pratique de traduction:  учебное пособие по французскому языку. – Минск : БГЭУ, 2018. –  111 с.
  4. Маслов, Ю. В. Английский язык = English : учебное пособие / Ю. В. Маслов, Г. М. Белоглядова: М-во образования Респ. Беларусь, РИВШ. – Минск : ИВЦ Минфина, 2019. – 262 с.
  5. Маслов, Ю.В. Эссе по английскому языку: банк аргументов / Ю. В. Маслов, М. Е. Маслова. – 2-e изд. – Ростов н/Д : Феникс, 2019. – 198 с.
  6. Маслов, Ю. В. Основы интерпретации текста = The Basics of Text Interpretation : учебное пособие / Ю. В. Маслов, М. Е. Маслова : М-во образования Республики Беларусь, РИВШ. – Минск : РИВШ, 2021. – 240 с.
  7. Эдвардс, Н.М. Стратегии коммуникативного поведения = Strategies for Communicative Behaviours : учебно-методическое пособие на английском языке. – Минск : БГЭУ, 2018. – 95, [1] с.
  8. Эдвардс, Н.М.Интерпретация коммуникативного поведения = Communicative Behaviors Interpretation : учебно-методическое пособие. – Минск : БГЭУ, 2019. – 149, [1] с.

The Department annually holds a number of events in the framework of the National Students' Scientific and Practical Conference "State Economy of the Republic of Belarus: Problems and Development Prospects" including the organization of the Intercultural Economic Communication Section.

The Department has a custom to hold annually a translation contest within the School of International Business Communications' Ten Day Linguistic Festival due to which the third-year students have an opportunity to show their worth in translating a foreign song and presenting it, and a creative marketing translation adaptation contest for the fourth-year students.

The Department hosts a students'research laboratory "Communicator" guided by Professor N.I. Kurganova. As a result of the competition among the Schools of the Belarusian State Economic University in 2019 and 2020 the laboratory was awarded the First Prize in the category "The Best Project in the Social and Humanitarian Sphere".

In order to train qualified translators and organize students' efficient self-dependent work as well as provide them with an experience of practical translation and improve their translation skills the Department runs the Students' Translation Centre that provides translation services for the BSEU structural units and other third-party organizations. 

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