Decree of the Minister of Education
of the Republic of Belarus
10.06.2022 № 401

State and public status of a pedagogical employee determines to be a model of professionalism and impeccable image. All the participants of the educational process are obliged to respect the honor and dignity of pedagogical employees.
The following regulations should be followed by educational employees as part of their professional activities:

  1. Implementation of the state policy in the field of education.
  2. Organization of the education process based on unconditional mutual respect of the dignity of students, their legitimate representatives and colleagues.
  3. Proper and high-qualified performance of professional duties, as well as continuous improvement of their professional skills.
  4. Developing students' spiritual and moral values, citizenship, patriotism, and passion to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Commitment to qualities such as honesty, sincerity, justice and communication openness.
  6. Demonstration of goodwill, politeness and tactfulness, avoiding conflicts in relationships.
  7. Protection of personally entrusted information as a matter of law.
  8. Contribution to the development of positive relations among students and teaching staff.
  9. Following the ethical principles and standards in media space.
  10. Compliance with the status of a pedagogical employee by his/her appearance, conduct and communication culture.