Policy on the processing of information stored in “cookie”

Cookie is used at BSEU to save information required for operation of the website, to improve its usability, to enhance customer experience of interacting with the site and increase the efficiency of disseminating information about the University on the Internet (including through advertising campaigns).

The information stored in cookie is a small amount of depersonalized data transmitted by the web server to the visitor's browser program. This data is stored by the user's browser on his device in the form of a cookie in a special service area. The browser returns the information stored in the cookie to the web server when opening a new page on a website. After this, the server returns the information along with a new page.

The University uses two types of information stored in cookies:

De-identified information that is necessary for the identification, authentication and authorization of the user in the electronic cabinet and information about the preferences and settings of the site set by the visitor, which is used to improve the usability of the site.

De-identified information used by Google and Yandex services to collect aggregated analytical information used to analyze the operation of the site, its traffic, improve the operation of the site and its interaction with visitors. This information is also used to analyze advertising campaigns conducted by the University in order to improve the form of providing it about activities of the University and increase the efficiency of information dissemination.

The processing of information stored in cookie is carried out in accordance with the Policy regarding the processing of personal data