School of Pre-university Training was set up in March, 1992. The main goals of the school are: the organization and coordination of professional orientation, profound specialzed and economic training, additional learning, repeated and parallel learning, refreshing of knowledge and additional training, profound expanded education and self-education of students, personification of teaching process, unification of traditional and new progressive methods of training applicants for the university level on a scientific methodological basis.

The achievement of these goals is possible due to overcoming the gap between the level of knowledge of high school graduates and that of the higher educational establishments' requirements, broadening and extending knowledge of the most capable pupils who have desire to study economics. In addition, the purposes of the Special School of Pre-university Training are the formation of student contingent of BSEU, as well as improvement of education quality of future university specialists.

All students of preparatory classes are trained to pass entrance examinations. But the teaching process and the role of students in it are quite different from those in school. The bulk of the material is learned by the students themselves under the teacher's supervision. Student-centered techniques of teaching are actively used. Due to them a student, acquiring information, at the same time cooperates with the teacher and his peers. The emphasis is placed on developing an interested, active attitude of a student towards the material studied. Everyone has the right to choose the form of activity and the way of the result's presentation. Some material is reviewed by students according to the teachers' task, but without their control.

The Specialized School of Pre-University Training has created all the necessary conditions to include each student into the cognitive activity according to his or her level of knowledge. The number of students in groups varies from 5 to 25. They are selected in the accordance with their initiative during the teaching process and their knowledge level.

The teaching process is oriented not only at those who are able to learn the material to get at least a satisfactory grade at the entrance examinations, but also at the students who have significant gaps in the knowledge of the school curriculum.

Forms of teaching and knowledge evaluation differ from those in regular schools. School system of studying oriented at receiving a grade is replaced by creative self-education. Abandoning compulsory methods, encouraging students to study in their own way and not be afraid of making a mistake, characterizes the learning process. Students' activity is assessed without competition and rivalry, but an element of sharing knowledge. The testing of knowledge is postponed to a later stage.

The teaching of a student is based on partnership relations with a teacher, which creates a positive emotional climate, and allows all participants of the teaching process to feel more confident.

A purposeful work on identifying and developing the most capable students, and their preparation for the entrance exams starts at at regional, city, and national Olympiads on economics. They are conducted together with the Ministry of Education, the final stage taking place in BSEU. The prize winners of the national Olympiads have advantages when entering the university according to Rules of admission to higher educational establishments.


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