The School of Pre-university Training

Training school leavers for entering higher educational establishments and providing career guidance is a key stage in the consistent system of continuing integrated multilevel education. The School of Pre-University Training (SPUT) which is the university's unit, undertakes these tasks.


The School of Pre-University Training was founded under the Rector's order №68 – A on March, 13 1992.

The School operates under the Code of Education of the Republic of Belarus №243 – 3 on January, 13 2011; the School of Pre-University Training Regulations; the Preparatory Department and Preparatory Course Regulations approved by the decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus №980 on July, 21 2011; BSEU School of Pre-University Training Regulations approved by the Rector on March, 27 2014.


the Dean of the School (in the centre) – Sergei Aleksandrovich Kuchuk, The School of Pre-University Training staff (from left to right) – Liudmila Ivanovna Khomich, Irina Petrovna Yankovsksya, Svetlana Alekseevna Makarova, Lilia Victorovna Achepovsksya

the Dean of the School, The School of Pre-University Training teachers and staff


In November 2003 The Department of General Educational Disciplines  was founded at the School of Pre-University Training.

The university's hands-on participation in selecting future applicants is the key prerequisite not only to providing their career guidance but also to quality training for their potential studying at higher educational establishments.

The School of Pre-University Training operates in the following directions:

∠ trains secondary school and technical college applicants on the preparatory course for passing their entrance exams with a view to entering higher educational establishments of the Republic of Belarus for full term of study in the following disciplines:

∠ prepares technical college graduates on the preparatory course for short-term education in the next disciplines:

Training applicants, secondary school leavers and technical college graduates is conducted on the preparatory course at evening in-person classes, by means of correspondence courses and by combining both the forms as well.

∠ trains foreign students in the preparatory department in the next disciplines:

Those students who successfully pass the final exams and receive the Preparatory Department Certificate are entitled to enter the 1st or the 2nd stage of education both at BSEU and other higher educational establishments of the Republic of Belarus without taking exams.

∠ trains foreign students on the preparatory course in the following disciplines:

Training foreign students both in the preparatory department and on the preparatory course is conducted at in-person classes.

∠ organizes and conducts the University entrance campaign:

∠ organizes the work of the Testing Unit whose primary task is conducting practice testing (without giving certificates) over the secondary education course based on the tests offered by EI 'The Republican Institute of Knowledge Testing' in all the disciplines.

Training on the preparatory course and in the preparatory department is conducted on a fee-paying basis.

The School's main objectives:

Achieving the goals set is possible due to the variety of education plans and training programs available on the preparatory course in the disciplines checked at university entrance exams and in the disciplines for which the final exams are taken on the preparatory course; forming optimal study groups in terms of the number of applicants and their standard of achievement; using modern training techniques and individualization of learning.

Focused work on identifying and developing the most capable students and training them for passing centralized tests and entering university is done by means of the special preparatory course 'Secondary school – University' which operates under contract to secondary schools. Classes are conducted both at BSEU and at secondary schools of Minsk and Minsk region.

The primary tasks of the School currently are:

The School of Pre-University Training operates in compliance with the standard education plans and training programs approved by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus. Based on these the preparatory course and the preparatory department training programs are developed.
Classes are conducted by teachers who are full time members of staff.


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