The Department of Accounting, Control and Finance

Chair of the department:

associate prof. Oleg A. Levkovich

The Department of Accounting, Control and Finance was set up in 2002. It provides educational process at the Faculty of Qualification Upgrading and The Faculty of Retraining of the IRQREC.

The Chair of the department is Ph.D., associate prof. Oleg A. Levkovich. This is a graduating department for students at the Faculty of Retraining with majors in:

The Faculty of Qualification Upgrading provides training to:

The department faculty comprises 1 professor, 4 associate professors, 5 assistant lecturers, and 3 assistant lecturers. They are all experts in the real sector of economy. To gain high educational standards, the department invites professors, associate professors from leading universities, practicing experts from ministries, state agencies and organizations of the Republic on a part time basis.

The department members contribute a lot to facilitating the methodological process of specialist retraining. At the very moment of signing an educational agreement the would-be students can obtain a qualification examination program, a list of special learning literature, they can get acquainted with the specialization syllabus, curricula of the subjects, themes and methods of writing term papers and graduate theses. The textbooks and workbooks are continually corrected subject to recent changes in the legal system.

Much attention is paid to the development of academic process, implementation of new educational technologies, i.e. tests, business games, case studies based on real practical material.

The main disciplines taught by the department are:

Last year's main publications:

The main objectives of the department's scholarly and research work are as follows:

The department's faculty are involved in carrying out research in Improvement of Theory, Methodology and Organization of Accounting, Controlling, Auditing and Analysis of Business Activities at Enterprises in Market Economy . The experimental material has been presented in the form of presentations at conferences, articles, laboratory practical studies and business games. The department staff partook in a number of scientific conferences.

In academic year 2005-2006 the members of the department published 42 scientific articles.


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