The Faculty of Qualification Upgrading


Ph.D. in Economics Victoria V. Primshits

The School of Qualification Upgrading was established as a unit of the Institute of Retraining and Development of Economic Cadres based on Chancellor’s Order No. 533-A dated July 24, 2006.
Ph.D. in Economics Victoria V. Primshits is the head of the School.

The School operates in the following fields:

The School comprises the Department of Accounting, Control and Finance.

Classes are held by the staff as follows:

All forms of education are offered on a paid basis. prices are negotiable.




Address:  Mendeleev St. 36, Room 36 220037 Minsk

Tel.: (017) 229 -12 -04,
(017) 229 -12 -05,
(017) 229 -12-03

Fax:(017) 345 -74 -33, (017) 245-85-22