The Department of Business English

Chair of the department:

Ph.D., Associate prof. Viktor S. Slepovitch

The Department of Business English was established in December 2003 following the reorganization of the Department of Foreign Languages No.1. The teaching and research activities of the department are focused on the issues of business communication.

The Chair of the Department is Ph.D., Associate prof. Viktor S. Slepovitch. He is a recipient of Fulbright (USA) and Chevening (UK) awards and an author of research articles and text-books on business communication, intercultural communication, and translation.

The Department of Business English currently has 25 faculty members who teach English as a second and a third language to students of the School of International Economic Relations and School of International Business Communication. Instructors, who majored in English and minored in Italian, also teach Italian as a third language to students of international business.

The aspects of English taught to students of the School of International Economic Relations are: practical phonetics (pronunciation and listening), general English, grammar, home reading, business English, country studies (UK and US), academic writing and speaking, translation, BBC and CNN news course, business writing, business communication, and English for law and international business. 1 st -year and 2 nd -year students of the School of International Business Communication are taught practical phonetics, general English and business English as part of the Practical course of the English Language (curriculum and syllabus are supervised by senior instructor, deputy Chair of the department Ludmila V. Bedritskaya ). In addition, 2 nd -year students of the School of International Business Communication have a course of lectures in English “Theory of Intercultural Communication” designed by Dr. Viktor S. Slepovitch).

The faculty members of the department conduct research within the theme “Teaching English for Business Communication.” The main directions of this work are scholarly and pedagogical design of text-books, manuals, dictionaries and computer programs, as well as participation in scholarly conferences and publication of abstracts and articles. A number of text-books authored by the department's faculty members are widely used at Belarus State Economic University, other universities both in Belarus and abroad:

The department is maintaining professional contacts with colleagues from other universities of Belarus (Minsk State Linguistic University, Belarus State University and others). Among the CIS countries its scholarly partners are M. Lomonosov Moscow State University, International University of Business and New Technologies (Yaroslavl, Russia), and I. Franko National University (Lviv, Ukraine). Scholarly contacts have also been established with Centers of Language Studies at the Universities of Maastricht (the Netherlands ) and Bergamo (Italy), the Institute of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw and Department of Business Languages at the University of Silesia (Poland), as well as the School of English Studies at the University of Nottingham (UK).

Students' research papers are annually presented at student scholarly and practical conferences in English, with participation and sponsorship of representative offices of international organizations located in Belarus .


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