The results of the stages


According to the Project roadmap for improving the activities of Belarusian State Economic University on the basis of the model «University 3.0» in the academic year 2021/2022 the University has implemented activities of the fourth stage of the experimental project.

The work was carried out in the following areas:

1.Updating of the content of curricula of the disciplines aimed at innovation and entrepreneurial activity

Standard programs were developed, curricula of disciplines were updated to reflect the issues of innovation and entrepreneurial activities. Generation 3+ curricula were introduced, as well as new practice-oriented disciplines. Scientific and methodological support of curriculum disciplines was developed, contributing to the development of competencies in demand in the business environment.

2.Involvement of practicing specialists in the field of entrepreneurship and commercialization of the results of scientific and innovative activities in the educational process. Organization of meetings of students with the heads of entrepreneurial structures, including university graduates who have become successful entrepreneurs Practicing specialists in the field of entrepreneurship, including university graduates, were actively involved in the educational process by inviting them to participate in student conferences, the State Examination Commission, the supervision of theses, lecturing and conducting practical classes.

Within the practice-oriented educational project «Dip into business!» a series of master classes, trainings and open lectures were organized with the speakers being creators and organizers of successful businesses, managers of effective corporations, leading business consultants, coordinators and heads of national programs for business development assistance in the Republic of Belarus. Meetings of the case-club on the problematic «Business idea, model, project» were held during which 15 projects of business-plans for the development of enterprises and organizations were prepared and presented.

The work was carried out on solving cases of GlavDostavka, DNA, ALIDI-vest companies and their presentation at the final part of Green Fest. Expert days with participation of marketing, advertising, and branding specialists took place. Presentations were made by representatives of Belarusian businesses as part of the Green Fest: Vera by Vera Breghneva, the Belarusian Society for Consumer Protection, the online store Eco-bar, Alidi-west, the eco-brand Iriskin. The faculty graduates, creators of the company UpClient, organized a course on targeting advertising, which was held in the offline format and posted on the moodle platform.

Meetings with BSEU alumni – representatives of the Hi-Tech Park, the Information and Analytical Institution «Concept of Successful Development», the consulting agency M-Trade, Atlant CJSC – were organized. Business owners were invited to meet with students in order to conduct classes, participate in the business incubator, and take part in the case championship. The meetings with the specialists from the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus were also held within the frames of the «Entrepreneur about Entrepreneurship» actions.

The results of BSEU students' diploma works on BI applications development were implemented in the company's commercial projects as part of cooperation with «A2 Consulting» LLC. An agreement was signed on the use of academic teaching materials on SAP «University Alliance» program for educational purposes at BSEU as an associate member of the SAP program. Also, an agreement was signed to conduct analytical and organizational-economic internships for 40 students of BSEU 2–3 years, specialty «Economic Informatics» in FLCC «EPAM Systems».

3.Branch departments development

There was conducted the work on the joint programs of cooperation with the branch of the department «Business and Employers' Union». There were held joint consulting sessions, organized participation in the national business Forums of entrepreneurs, as well as online attendance at a meeting of the United Club of Directors of the Business Union, held a round table on the strategy of cooperation with BSEU.

A new branch of the department was opened in the Association of Advertising Organizations of the Republic of Belarus, aimed at ensuring the connection of the educational process of training specialists in advertising with the practical activities of advertising organizations.

Efforts were made to strengthen the relationship with the branches of the departments in the SPU «Gorremavtodor Mingorispolkom», Institute of System Research in the Agroindustrial Complex of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

4.Participation in national and international forums, conferences, exhibitions on innovative and entrepreneurial activities

The 1st year student was awarded the 1st place at the competition of scientific works of undergraduate and graduate students conducted by the Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Belarus. According to the results of the 28th Republican competition of the scientific works one work was awarded the 1st category. In the X International competition of scientific works of students and graduate students at the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (Moscow) received a diploma of III degree. In the 15th International Student Scientific Forum of regional universities «Student scientific winter in Brest-2021» the team of the faculty took III place, at the round table meeting in the competition of ideas and proposals received a 1st degree diploma.

5.Implementation of new teaching technologies aimed at the development of competencies in the field of commercialization of the results of intellectual activity and entrepreneurship

A series of practical classes using the simulation case «Investor Day (Demo Day)» based on the presentation template for startups from Y Combinator was organized. A cooperation agreement was signed with Loginom Company, under the terms of which BSEU became a member of the Loginom Company academic program for the distribution of software products for data collection and processing.

Seminars with representatives of Nielsen, Skyeng,, Honor Belarus, Stravita, digital agency Fistashk on innovative activities in advertising, marketing and logistics were held on a regular basis. Seminars with representatives of the Association of Advertising Agencies of Belarus on the commercialization of research activities in the field of marketing were organized.

6.Participation of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students in research

Research work «Marketing activity in the sphere of innovative development in industries and fields of activity in the Republic of Belarus»; research work «Intellectualization of Belarusian economy: conceptual approaches, development of strategies in managing intellectual resources of organizations, new business models in the context of development of high-tech products market and intellectual property objects, rationale of proposals for their use» was carried out.
University student teams participated in the Republican educational competition to support and develop youth entrepreneurship «AGRO 4.0», where they won prizes and reached the finals – received diplomas of the 1st degree.

BSEU students participated in the activities of the Innovation Business Incubator: held master classes on management with representatives of the real economy and business structures, held the contest «Startup ideas 2.0», held monthly business breakfasts with business representatives.

Regular competitions, Olympiads were held at the interuniversity level – diplomas and prizes were received. Preparation of student projects for participation in the contest of business ideas and projects «The Market of Ideas» was carried out.

7.Staff advanced training as part of the organization of innovative and entrepreneurial activities

22 employees of BSEU attended advanced training courses at NIНE, Institute of Advanced Training and Retraining of Economic Staff of BSEU, Educational Institution of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus «International University "MITSO"» on the subjects:

    • «Innovative educational programs»;
    • «Fundamentals of Internet Marketing»;
    • «University 3.0: design, assessment and diagnosis of learning outcomes»;
    • «Scientific activities of a teacher and organization of research and development: theory, methodology and practice»;
    • «Effective technologies for organizing the educational process and educational communication in the context of digitalization»;
    • «Preparation of educational documentation with the use of ICT";
    • «Management in the system of higher education».

The students studied the possibilities of online platforms Google Classroom, Edmodo; online resources Wordwall, Genially, Miro and electronic applications for organizing innovative activities and their use in solving professional tasks.

The results of the third stage of the experimental project(01.09.2020-31.08.2021)

According to the Project roadmap for improving the activities of Belarusian State Economic University on the basis of the model "University 3.0" in the academic year 2020/2021 the University has implemented activities of the third stage of the experimental project.

The work was carried out in the following areas:

1. development of new content of educational programs of higher education of I and II levels, aimed at systematic interconnected study of innovation, inventive and entrepreneurial activities

In order to prepare new educational programs of higher education at BSEU for the year there were developed:

In order to improve professional academic competences in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship teachers and managers of BSEU carried out professional development at NIHE:

2. Strengthening the interaction between science and practice, development of students' entrepreneurial potential

The University continues to strengthen the practical component of its educational programs. So, during the academic year 45 representatives of the business community, state and commercial structures delivered lectures to students, held master classes, shared their experience. Similar work was carried out by the specialists-practitioners with whom the deans of the faculties of the university collaborate in the organization of the educational process and in the matters of entrepreneurship and innovation activities.

At BSEU the permanent seminar on entrepreneurship continues to work. In 2021 the work plan of the seminar includes 54 events. As of 01.09.2021 the plan was fulfilled by 72%.

As part of the implementation of practice-oriented educational project "Dip into business!" the Faculty of Higher School of Management and Business organized a series of meetings with leading experts.

In the academic year 2020/2021, 76 employees of enterprises and organizations were involved in conducting training sessions, teaching general vocational and special disciplines. 65 diploma projects (works) were completed on the topics agreed with enterprises and organizations. Two new agreements on cooperation with basic organizations (LLC "LibertikGroup", Publishing house of scientific and practical magazine "Our Agriculture") were concluded.

With the participation of two Belarusian companies 2 new branches of the departments were founded: Accounting, Analysis and Audit in Industry (FBK-BEL Ltd.); Economics and Management of Tourism Industry (SI "National tourism agency").

3. Increasing the efficiency of research and development, innovative activities of students

Great attention in the university is paid to the involvement of students in the implementation of research plans, programs and projects, the disclosure of their professional, social and creative potential. As the results of the work to improve the effectiveness of research and innovation activities within the project "University 3.0" the following should be attributed:

4. Development of students' entrepreneurial potential

The university continues the process of forming teams of students focused on participation in innovative and entrepreneurial activities. So, at FFBD, FMK and FEM began relevant work with the further prospect of participation of teams in the international competition Enactus. Activities in this direction are still being conducted at the level of the university and will be intensified at the IVth stage of the project "University 3.0".
Teams formed of 14 students and undergraduates of BSEU completed 3 projects on grants of the Ministry of Education. According to the results of studies were published and submitted for publication 11 student papers in the collection "Economic Mosaic", 4 theses in other collections.

In order to stimulate student entrepreneurship at FCTI a contest "Marketplace of Ideas" was held where student teams won prizes in various categories. The work of Student Scientific Society of the Faculty was intensified, which held such events as student scientific slam, Brainstorm, training-intensive "Generation of business ideas". As part of the student government, the student project "Creative space "FСTI Workshop" was created and actively operates, which invites experts in various areas of business to hold meetings with students, master classes and trainings.

According to the results of the competitions, the 1st places were taken:

SRL "Paradigm" of MEO - in the category "Originality of idea for research project" in the competition "Best SRL of BSEU-2021";

SRL "Information Economics" of FDE - in the nomination "The best research project in the field of computer science, communications, mathematical and instrumental methods of research" in the decade of student science and the 2nd all-University place in the competition "The best SRL BSEU-2021";

a team of 9 students of FDE - in the nomination "Best Business Idea" in the category "Digitalization of Business" in the competition of business ideas and case solutions "Agro 2.0" and "Agro 3.0", held by BelAgroPromBank.

According to the results of the contest "Start-up ideas" within the frameworks of the FM Innovation Business Incubator events in the reporting year, 3 projects were selected for further implementation. The result of participation of these students was getting into the finals of the Republican educational competition to support and develop youth entrepreneurship "Agro 3.0".

At MEO within the framework of case-club activities students took part in the international competition "Best innovative start-up project" which resulted in a diploma of III degree. 19 students took part as co-executives in R&D.
As part of the FM student innovation business incubator, online master classes on writing business plans for innovative projects (Accent-Consult LLC) and on planning financial flows (MOD-Stroy LLC) were held. There were held periodic meetings (once a month) in the format of "Breakfast with a businessman", where those who wished (up to 5 people in one meeting) discussed business and economic topics with a businessman.

In the academic year 2020/2021 a team of student scientific and practical business incubator of FCTI was formed. The team of students developed informational materials about the business incubator, organized a number of events: business simulation "Development of business thinking", business trainings and intensive "Your business is one step closer!

In academic year 2020/2021 ISGO conducted sociological research: 1) on the state of students' entrepreneurial potential (October-November 2020), 2) on students' evaluation of new educational technologies effectiveness, aimed at developing competencies in the commercialization of intellectual activity results, entrepreneurship (April-May 2021). The results of sociological research allowed to conclude that BSEU students have the skills and knowledge in terms of business networking, leadership and communication, application of creative abilities. Also, according to the surveyed students (374 respondents), the university has a favorable climate, there are organizational structures to support entrepreneurial activities. At the same time, the problematic issues that require attention in the implementation of Phase IV of the Roadmap should include innovation management, the creation of new products and services and identification of new business opportunities.

The results of the second stage of the experimental project (01.09.2019-31.08.2020)

During the period from 01.09.2019 to 31.08.2020, the university carried out the activities of the second stage of the experimental project "University 3.0". According to the Roadmap to improve the activities of the institution of education "Belarusian State Economic University" on the basis of the model "University 3.0" for the period 2018-2023. Stage II envisaged the work in the following areas:

In the area of educational activities the students were trained according to the educational programs of disciplines of educational plans of the Ist and IInd levels of higher education, updated in terms of development of students' entrepreneurial initiative. During the academic year 521 educational programs and 74 internship programs were developed or updated. We published 11 textbooks and teaching aids with the endorsement of the Ministry of Education and 11 teaching aids without endorsement. In the accounting period the University got the state accreditation in the first level specialty "Advertising" and 6 new master specialties. Also opened the training of specialists in the specialty "Intellectual Property Management". Implemented changes in the content of educational programs aimed at shaping students professional competence in building mutually beneficial commercial relationships in the implementation of the results of research and innovation in production and services.

In the constant field of view of the faculties and departments was the issue of strengthening the interaction of the university with the customers of personnel. The University successfully held the annual job fair, which was attended by 64 organizations.  Nine new agreements on interaction with basic organizations were concluded, and 7 departmental branches were opened.

In the 2019/2020 academic year 179 teachers of BSEU underwent advanced training, including 60 people on the organization and implementation of the processes of technology transfer and commercialization of the results of intellectual activity.

To improve the processes of interaction between the university departments with the customers of staff in the implementation of educational programs of higher education the university organized and conducted in different formats more than 80 meetings of students with specialists of business structures, organized the work of a permanent seminar on entrepreneurship.

In order to strengthen the practical component of the training programs at the I and II stages of higher education faculties and departments held start-up schools, master classes, review lectures and meetings with successful businessmen.

The university is in the process of forming teams of students focused on participation in innovative and entrepreneurial activities. So far such teams are organized at the university level without entering the international competition Enactus. The work in this direction will be continued at the 3rd stage of the experiment.

The university also pays much attention to the involvement of students in the implementation of scientific plans, programs and projects, disclosure of their professional, social and creative potential. The important role in strengthening the interaction between science and practice, the development of entrepreneurial potential of students and teachers have the existing subjects of innovative infrastructure. The infrastructure formed in the framework of the project includes: 2 industry laboratories, 5 centers and 2 business incubators.

In 2019 2 industry laboratories and 5 research centers in the framework of the project carried out more than 10 Scientific Research to the amount of 170 thousand rubles. The total amount of financing of BSEU research was more than 602 thousand rubles, including under contracts financed at the expense of enterprises and organizations - 236.5 thousand rubles. (39.3% of the total volume).

In 2020 the Scientific Research plan includes 96 scientific-research works, which financing volume for June is more than 640 thousand rubles, 21 % of which (135,5 thousand rubles) are concluded contracts with enterprises and organizations.

According to the results of the 26th Republican competition of scientific works of students from BSEU 131 works were submitted by 149 students, of which 110 works (84% of the total number) won prizes. In the international competitions and Olympiads in June 2020 participated 114 scientific works. Due to the epidemiological situation, the results are known only for one competition: it is the IX International Competition of scientific works of students and graduate students, held by the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation (Moscow), in which 13 works were awarded prizes (46.3% of the total number of works sent to the competition).

During the implementation of the II-nd stage of the experimental project at BSEU systematic work was carried out to introduce modern teaching technologies in the educational process based on the modular principle of the content of academic disciplines with the possibility of using innovative pedagogical technologies.

In order to develop students' critical thinking, acquire professional competences in the field of case technologies, increase the share of students' independent work in the study of academic disciplines in 2019/2020 academic year the university actively implemented distance learning technologies, which ensure the construction of the educational process based on the use of information communication technologies, the transfer of managed independent work of students on the electronic platform "Moodle", the technical support was performed in the educational process. As a result, at the I and II stages of higher education for 443 disciplines were formed informational and educational content, including electronic resources for academic disciplines, test tasks to assess students' knowledge.

The dean's offices of BSEU faculties carried out activities with practitioners in order to exchange positive experiences both in organizing the educational process and in business and innovation activities.
To evaluate the effectiveness of the introduction of modern teaching technologies and implemented activities in the educational process, as well as to determine the entrepreneurial potential of students at BSEU during the period from April 14 to May 30, 2020 online survey (in accordance with the methodology GUESSS) was conducted among undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students (1916 respondents). The main objective of the online survey was to obtain objective information necessary to adjust and develop new approaches and learning technologies used to form entrepreneurial and business competencies of students at the university in various specialties.

The analysis of the obtained data showed that in general the teaching staff prefers active learning methods. At the same time, most of the respondents were in favor of expanding the practice of new forms of organization of lectures, strengthening the practice-oriented nature of the learning process, the updating of educational material.

The results of the first stage of the experimental project (01.09.2018-31.08.2019)

The design of the new content of education in the development of educational standards, model educational and educational plans for 9 specialties II level of higher education, assigned to the EMA for economic education, and educational plans for 4 masters specialties of other EMAs was carried out.

The educational plans include a number of disciplines aimed at shaping students' competencies to conduct innovative and entrepreneurial activities.

For all disciplines of the educational plans educational programs have been developed.

Simultaneously with updating the content of education at the second level, the work on amending the current educational and program documentation of educational programs of higher education of I and II levels, aimed at studying issues of innovation and entrepreneurship was carried out.

The content of 38 study programs of academic disciplines of specialties 1-25 01 04 "Finance and Credit", 1-25 01 08 "Accounting, Analysis and Audit (by field)", 1-25 01 10 "Commercial Activity" participating in the experiment and 20 study programs of secondary specialties 1-25 81 04 "Finance and Credit", 1-25 81 01 06 "Accounting, Analysis and Audit", 1-25 81 09 "Commercial Activity" were updated.

The correction of 124 educational programs for other specialties, not included in the experiment, for which training is conducted at the university, in part of the expansion of topics on innovation and entrepreneurship, has been carried out.

Consistently introduced into the educational process modern technologies of learning and teaching, which allow to diversify the learning process, to interest students, contribute to the development of independent solutions, deepening the practical orientation of knowledge.

Significant work is done on the organization of interaction between the university and the real sector of the economy. Meetings of students with employees of state institutions and commercial organizations are purposefully used.

Representatives of state bodies take part in the educational process, in the work of state examination commissions, provide advisory services on legislation, etc. Specialists from business structures share their experience in organizing business in different spheres of activity.

During Stage I of the experiment meetings were conducted with representatives of 36 state and 81 commercial organizations, including BSEU graduates who became successful businessmen. The annual student vacancy fair was organized, which was attended by 97 organizations of different forms of ownership.

The university actively develops partnerships with representatives of banking structures, industrial enterprises, ministries and departments in carrying out scientific and educational projects and events. In 2019, as part of the university decade "Youth in Science and Business" representatives of the business community supported the creative endeavors of students, held partnership days, shared their experience and knowledge of building a successful business. BSEU students were awarded with internships, training programs and incentive prizes from the National Legal Information Center of the Republic of Belarus, MTBank CJSC, Alutech Group of Companies, Belinvestbank OJSC, etc. for their scientific achievements.

All conducted activities have supplemented the theoretical baggage of students with practical skills.

The university has 30 student research laboratories uniting about 650 people, whose activities are aimed at attracting students to research and entrepreneurial activities, as well as creating conditions for scientific communication and exchange of experience of young researchers.

In May 2019, the Innovative Business Incubator of the Faculty of Economics and Management was created.

In order to promote the achievements of science and to intensify research and development, the university held about 13 major and significant events, including scientific conferences, forums, competitions, round tables, business trainings, etc.

The university is intensifying its work to involve students in research on a paid basis, which are financed by the Belarusian Republican Fund for Basic Research, the State Committee on Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Belarus and other organizations. In 2018, 73 undergraduate and graduate students participated in 32 research programs and projects.

During the reporting phase of the project the documentation regulating the activities of student research associations was updated:

In the fall of 2018, the Center for Social and Humanitarian Research at the Institute of Social and Humanitarian Education began its work, whose activities are aimed at the performance of fundamental and applied scientific research on social and humanitarian issues. During the existence of the Center, research work amounting to almost $10,000 has been carried out.

At the beginning of 2019, the MeMicroMacro Center was created: a center for popularization of economic science and behavioral research at the Department of Economic Theory of the Faculty of International Economic Relations. Preliminary meetings are held with representatives of government agencies, business communities for further cooperation.

There is a branch laboratory of topical problems of taxation and tax policy, which carries out surveys of the business community on the directions of taxation improvement by order of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Republic of Belarus. In 2018, 5 research works of almost 78 thousand rubles were organized, which were successfully completed and accepted by the customers, implemented in the practical activities of the tax authorities and legislation. About 30 students participated in the research work.

In January 2019 opened a sectoral laboratory of antitrust and price regulation, regulation in the field of trade (based on the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade of the Republic of Belarus). Under the orders of the MART, applications were submitted for the research work "Development of a mechanism for regulating the consumer market in an open economy and the growth of market power of retail networks" and "Development of a mechanism for the introduction and extension of temporary state price regulation in the Republic of Belarus and assessment of its effectiveness."

In April 2019 a commercial proposal was submitted for a research work on the topic: "Development of approaches to the regulation of tariffs for Internet access services.

The results of the preparatory stage of the experimental project (until 01.09.2018)

Developed, approved and submitted to the Ministry of Education a roadmap to improve the activities of the institution of education "Belarusian State Economic University" on the basis of the model "University 3.0" for the period 2018-2023.

In order to obtain objective information necessary to adjust and develop new approaches and learning technologies used to form entrepreneurial and business competencies in students, undergraduates, graduate students, conducted an online survey of students. BSEU was represented by 791 respondents (638 students, 85 undergraduates and 68 graduate students).

The following specialties were chosen for the experiment: "Finance and Credit", "Accounting, Analysis and Auditing (by area)", "Commercial Activity".

The list of disciplines in the curricula of which changes should be made, aimed at the development of entrepreneurial skills of students was determined.