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Department of International Business

The chair of the Department of International Business is PhD, Associate Prof. Galina V. Turban.

The Department of International Business is graduating in specialty 1-25 01 03, World economics (major: 1-25 01 03 01, Economics and management of foreign economic activities) and 1-26 02 01, Business Administration.

Establishment of the department. The department of international business was established on September 28, 2001. It is a successor of the first international department in the Republic of Belarus – the department of international economic relations (established in 1991), re-organized into the present department. This transformation into two emerging departments was caused by the necessity to raise the level of specialist training, to introduce new specializations at the School and to develop cooperation with foreign universities and business schools.

At the time of its creation the department of international business participated in the TEMPUS-TACIS project “ t he EU Economics” carried out by Belarus State Economic University in the Consortium with Jean Moulin Lyons University (France), the Turin University (Italy) and the Lyons Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Faculty. The department of international business employs highly professional faculty: PhD Galina Turban, the Chair; p rofessors: Dr. hab. G. Olekhnovich, and PhD Mikhail Balashevich, a ssociate professors: PhD A. Kuradovets, PhD A. Levkovich, PhD O. Ryzhankova, a ssistance lecturers: N. Kovalevich, T. Kudrevich, S. Savenko, I. Strok and others) who were among the beginners of the d epartment of international economic relations. They were the first in the country to start training at BSEU undergraduate and postgraduate students majoring in organization and management of foreign economic relations. The faculty members had been trained at major universities and research centres in the USA , Great Britain, Germany, Austria, France, and Italy which enabled them to become familiar with leading scientific schools of world economics and master up-to-date methods of teaching. The faculty pioneered in the development of standard educational programs, text-books and tutorials, workbooks for studying world economics and foreign economic relations. Currently, five d epartment's graduates are teaching at the d epartment of i nternational b usiness. All faculty members speak English and/or German. The Department provides training for six doctoral students, 10 Master's students and 5 five doctoral degree seekers.

Major directions of the department activities are the following:

  • Training students – future specialists in world economics and international business;
  • Training students at the Higher School of Management and Business obtaining their second diploma of higher education;
  • Training Master's students;
  • Training doctoral and post-doctoral students;
  • Carrying out scholarly research;
  • Promoting cooperation with foreign universities and schools of business.

The department of international business focuses on theoretical and practical training students in international economic relations, peculiar features of economic mechanisms in certain countries, current methods of conducting business in internal and external markets in the context of global competition.

The Department faculty deliver lectures and provide practical classes in the following disciplines:

    The School of international economic relations:
    • International Economic Relations
    • International Business
    • Economy of Foreign Countries
    • Economy and Management of Foreign Economic Activities
    • Competitive Strategies
    • Credit and Settlement Transactions in Foreign Economic Activities
    • Economics of Joint and Small Businesses
    • Business Cultures in International Economic Relations
    • Balance of Payments
    The School of nternational business communications:
    • Organization of Foreign economic Activities
    • Business Cultures in International Economic Relations
    • Economy of Foreign Countries
    • Competitive Strategies
    • Economics of Small Businesses
    The School of Management :
    • Foreign economic Activities
    The School of a ccounting and e conomics:
    • Organization of Foreign economic Activities

The department's main directions of scholarly research:

  • Theory and practice of development of world economics and international economic relations;
  • International flows of direct and portfolio investments, issues of their regulation at national and supranational levels;
  • Management of foreign economic activities in the Republic of Belarus ;
  • International service trade;
  • Development of small businesses and their impact on the national economy.

International cooperation. The department of international business maintains contacts both with universities and schools of business in Great Britain , Austria, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, and other countries, and Representative offices of the UNO, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in the Republic of Belarus.

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