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The Belarus State Economic University (BSEU), as a legal entity, is based on the property of the Republic of Belarus. It acts in accordance with the Charter, approved by Ministry of Education's order #396 on July 7, 2001; it was registered by Minsk City Executive Committee decision #1105, August 16, 2001.

In accordance with the Charter, BSEU is a higher educational establishment conducting educational, scientific, research, cultural and other activity. It is a non profit organization financed from the republican budget. BSEU carries out the process of learning in the following areas of study:

    • state and municipal administration;
    • enterprise economics and management;
    • finance and crediting;
    • statistics;
    • accounting, analysis and auditing;
    • world economics and international economic relations;
    • commerce;
    • marketing;
    • tourism services, hotel and restaurant catering;
    • economic cybernetics;
    • law.

The Belarus State Economic University conducts training of specialists at the levels of higher education, qualification improvement and retraining, post-graduate study (full-time and part-time) for bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctor's degree conferment. BSEU has the authority to grant standard state diplomas of accomplished higher education.

There are several categories of learners at the University: students, post-graduate students, competitors who pursue a Ph.D. degree and post-doctorate degree (doctor habile).

The aims of the Belarus State Economic University activity are the following:

    • in order to meet the needs in intellectual, cultural, spiritual development provide students with the opportunity to gain higher and post-graduate education, improve professional skills and acquire further training based on continual unity of educational process and scientific research;
    • provide professional courses and educating of highly qualified specialists, equip students with the knowledge and skills in economics, law and business that are required for a successful career;
    • organize and carry out fundamental and applied scientific research directed to theory development and problem solving in national economy, legislation, ecology and social sphere;
    • prepare trained pedagogical personnel, provide qualification improvement for teachers of social and economic disciplines; popularize economic, legal, ecological and other knowledge among population;
    • develope and test learning materials, create and publish scientific works, monographs and manuals, methodological elaborations of high quality;
    • develope extensive links with other domestic universities and the universities of other countries, work collaboratively across all sections of scientific, social and humanitarian spheres, promote higher level of professional and general humanitarian education, science development;
    • contribute to humanistic tradition in science, education and cultural life of Belarusian people and international community;
    • support international cooperation in the area of education and specialist training.

The University provides the diverse array of facilities for the use of its students ranging from sports facilities and accommodation to media, learning resource and library services, careers consultancy and the Students' Union.

Students acquiring second higher education and those who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge can become subjects to the establishment of personalized studying curriculum that orientates on gaining of deeper knowledge and the completion of the course of study in a shorter term.

In order to receive a Graduate Diploma of BSEU, a student has to pass all the examinations and preliminary exams required by curriculum, pass final-year state examinations and defend a diploma thesis (a written work resulting from original research).

Organization of scientific and research work at the University departments and in the scientific research laboratories is supervised by the Center of Scientific Research (CSR). Its main task is the University staff's scientific potential realization towards solving of economic and social-economic problems of national economy.

The administrative system of BSEU. Main mechanisms and structures of the administrative system of BSEU and the limits of the administrative board's authority are stipulated by this Charter.

General management of all the University activities is done by the Rector. It is a combination of the principles of undivided and collective authority. The Rector acts in the name of the University, represents its interests to all organizations, he is in charge of the University's property, signs agreements, issues warrants, opens bank accounts, approves the structure and the staff of the University, issues orders and instructions obligatory to execution.

The management and administration of the University activities is done by the administrative subdivisions and officials, this administrative subdivision is based on the regulations and instructions, approved by the Rector.

The Pro-Rectors for Learning Process and Science directly guide the learning/ instruction process.

The University Council functions under the chairmanship of the Rector. All BSEU activities are under its supervision. The University Council meetings are held once a month, and more often during the studying year.

The University Council is entitled to:

    • consider the matters of creation and liquidation of faculties, departments, laboratories and other subdivisions;
    • consider the matters of improvement of the University's facilities and material base;
    • discuss the drafts of new courses for learning and programs of study, plans for scientific research;
    • consider other matters on the organization of learning process;
    • consider the matters of staff appointment.
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