To the 90th anniversary

26.05.2023 Rewarding postgraduate students on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of BSEU

On May 26, BSEU Vice-Rector for Research Egor GUSAKOV awarded postgraduate students for high performance in research work, active participation in the public life of the university and in connection with the 90th anniversary of BSEU.

13.05.2023 Digital economy through the eyes of students

On May 12, as part of the work of the V Moscow Academic Economic Forum (MAEF-2023), the International Russian-Belarusian scientific round table "Digital Economy through the Eyes of Students" was held. The event was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian State Economic University and the 200th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding Russian writer and teacher K.Ushinsky.

28.04.2023 Cultural and sports festival of the BSEU campus «Peace, youth and spring!»

On April 27, a cultural and sports student holiday «Peace, Youth and Spring» was held at the Belarusian State Economic University. This spring event, timed to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the university, not only united students in creativity and sports, but also expanded their knowledge of the history of the university. Teams of students from each hostel had to take a responsible approach to the preparation: come up with a name and motto, perform a creative number at the concert «Vivat, BSEU!» and show erudition during the quest game «Feast with the taste of an anniversary».

26.04.2023 Gala concert of the festival of student creativity "Student spring BSEU-2023"

What is "Student Spring"? Perhaps this question will seem strange to someone, but a whole generation of BSEU students grew up without this large-scale festival of student creativity. Due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation, rehearsals in the secluded corners of the academic buildings, the preparation of props, general runs on stage and the excitement before performances had to be postponed for three years. But, despite all the difficulties, the gra

12.04.2023 Best Shop Trade Union Organization — 2022

On April 10, a review competition for the best shop trade union organization of the faculty for 2022 was held at BSEU. The competition was timed to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian State Economic University.

22.03.2023 22.03.2023 Round table "Latin American vector in international cooperation: economic and socio-cultural aspects"

On March 17, a traditional scientific event was held at the Center for Latin American Studies at the FIBC with the participation of representatives of diplomatic missions of Latin American countries in the Republic of Belarus.

1.03.2023 The winners of the competition "Vivat, freshman! -2023" were announced

On February 28, BSEU students spent the winter with a grandiose competition “Vivat, freshman!”. Bright and charismatic representatives of all ten faculties of BSEU presented their talents in three rounds: "Self-presentation", "Video clip "If you could stop time ..." and "Creative number". The participants were evaluated by strict judges.

27.02.2023 | Graduation of students-distance students of the HSMB BSEU

On February 24, students of the Higher School of Management and Business graduated from the distance form of education in the specialty "Jurisprudence" (specialization "Economic Law"). Dean of the faculty Sergey Yuryevich KRICHEVSKY handed over diplomas to graduates. Aleksey Ivanovich VERESCHAKO, Head of the Center for Digital and Multimedia Technologies in Education, spoke to yesterday's students. He wished the audience successful application of information and communication technologies in their professional activities.

7.02.2023 | BSEU hosted the awarding of the winners of the Spartakiad of workers

On February 6, the winners of the Spartakiad of employees, dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the university, were awarded. Two competitive weeks have shown which staff of which faculty and institute does not need physical improvement. But, as you know, there is no limit to perfection! That is why the organizers promise to finalize the format of the event and hold the Olympics every year.

31.01.2023 | Modern and comfortable: the opening of the renovated BSEU Conference Hall

On January 31, the grand opening of the Conference Hall took place in the main building of the Belarusian State Economic University, the modernization of which continued from October 2022 to January 2023. The opening was timed to coincide with the first University Council this year, and fresh interior solutions caused genuine delight among the staff and students invited to the Council.

24.01.2023 | To the 90th anniversary of the BGEU: Opening of the Spartakiad of Workers

The same Monday came from which everyone wanted to resume sports. On January 23, the discovery of the university’s workers took place in the BGEU. While students are on vacation, each employee will be able to try himself in a new sport or demonstrate his skills in a beloved mini-football or volleyball, table tennis, billiards, darts, chess, swimming or dominoes.